July in Dubai: How to Keep Cool

We recently returned from Dubai. Yes, that’s right, in July. We have been a few times before in months like October, May and June, but going in July just hit slightly differently. You expect it to be warm, but it was mega hot, with it barely changing temperature from day to night; thank goodness that there is air-conditioning everywhere! Going in the sea honestly felt like going in a bath, it was so warm. Definitely something that we hadn’t expected.

As it is the off-season, and many expats and Arabs leave Dubai in July and August, you can get some good deals for accommodation. So is it worth going and how can you keep cool? Here are the things that we did.

Research Your Resort Fully

When you’re looking where to stay, if it isn’t an Airbnb or a villa (which TBH, there aren’t loads of to rent in Dubai), make sure you research fully what you get. Of course, knowing the location is a good spot is important, but there are a lot of finer details to look at if you’re planning to stay during the hottest time of the year. We stayed at Caesars Palace which was honestly amazing. We got bottled water in the room that was replenished everyday, as well as unlimited water to drink when out by the pool. The staff also gave out ice lollies each day out by the pool, and chopped fruit like watermelon on a stick or frozen grapes. 

I’m not saying all hotels or resorts are going to offer these things in Dubai, but you need to know that if there isn’t access to cold, fresh water, are you close by to a shop to get these things for yourself? Is there a mini-fridge in the room that you can use to keep drinks cool? These things aren’t always advertised online, so do look up reviews online or even get in touch with the hotel to ask.

Avoid The Middle of the Day

Although there wasn’t a huge difference in temperature between night and day, it still reaches its peak in the middle of the day. So where possible, avoid this time. What we did was get up early-ish and go and have breakfast. Then we’d go by the pool for a little bit. By lunchtime we’d go back up to the room to have a nap or go to the gym, and then head back out later in the afternoon. You just avoid the peak sun and give you a bit of a break.

We did book a Desert Safari which was amazing. The cars are air-conditioned and there were drinks on ice available at each stop. It is also an activity that doesn’t start until later in the afternoon, so although hot and sweaty, it is bearable.

Choose Indoor Activities

There are SO many things that you can do in Dubai that aren’t outdoors. Although being by the beach is nice and the pools are chilled in order to refresh you, there are many choices that are indoors with beautiful ice-cold air-con. The Dubai Mall or The Mall of The Emirates are great choices as there are great restaurants and basically any shop that you would ever want. You can also go skiing, snow tubing, and ice skating indoors, if you want something active that won’t heat you up. Visiting Mosques and aquariums are also other things that are indoors that will keep you cool, not to mention visiting things like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Frame.

We had plenty of people tell us that we were crazy, but to be honest, it was a really lovely visit. Yes it was hot, but we only went for six nights and it was nice to make the most of this kind of weather when we have drizzly weather at home. 

Have you been to Dubai before? It would be great to hear what you think.

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