How to Keep Your Home Safe at Christmas

With the big day creeping up on us, then you are probably making plans for Christmas (or have been for some time now). You might be going away for Christmas, visiting family or friends, or even just staying at home. If it is the former, though, rather than the latter, then you might need to make extra plans to keep your home safe.

Unfortunately, people know that it is a time that we as a whole, do spend time out of the house as we travel and visit family elsewhere (we’ve all seen Home Alone, right)? So if you are going to be going away, what can you do to make sure that your home is kept safe? Here are a few top tips from my experience, as well as from the good old t’internet.


Get an Alarm

There are many of us that don’t actually have any kind of¬†home security systems¬†installed in our homes. But they are pretty vital. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but they will stop someone in their tracks. If an alarm goes off or you have CCTV installed, it increases their chance of being caught. So make sure you have an alarm system in place. I think it is a good idea to make it look obvious too.

Get Your Neighbour on Board

Unless you love out in a secluded area, then the chances are there will be a neighbour or two sticking around for the Christmas break. So as long as they are trustworthy, you could ask them to keep an eye on things for you. They could put bins out, bring in parcels or mail and even park one of their cars in your drive (if that is even a possibility for you). If you get snow, it is also a good idea to have them walk up and down from your front door. That will make footprints, making it look like someone is home. Otherwise, fresh unmarked snow is a massive sign that no-one is home.

Move Valuables

If you have got your blinds or curtains keeps half open when you are away, it isn’t a good idea to have a laptop or tablet on display right by the window. It is also a good idea to move other valuables in your home. If someone does get into the house, how many people would think to look in the bedside table for jewellery or valuables? I’m thinking quite a few. So move any valuable items that you aren’t taking with you, to usual places. Just remember where you put them!

Timer Lights

My dad swears by timer lights! They are pretty inexpensive to buy but can make a massive difference. If someone is just passing by and sees the home in darkness, then it will set off alarm bells for them. With it being darker earlier at this time of year, if people are in, they will have lights on from quite early on. So set the timer lights for certain times and in certain rooms in the house (especially the ones that are seen from the road).

Have you got any top tips for securing your home during the holidays?


*collaborative post

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