How to keep your vacation memories alive

Your suntan may be long gone, and you might be feeling slightly down and depressed at being back home, but there is no reason why you need to let your holiday memories fade into the past. Luckily, there are now a variety of ways that you can keep your favourite memories in your life, ready for you to share with your friends and family, or display around your home. From creating a scrapbook of photos, tickets and tours that you went on, to writing a journal, or even displaying the new souvenirs that you have acquired, be sure to bring some of those experiences home with you.

Keep a journal

Even if you are not much of a writer, keeping a journal can be the ideal way to document each and every moment of your time away. The beauty about keeping your travel journal is that you can be as creative as you like, from adding in your own illustrations to painting intricate watercolours of sites that you have visited or people that you have seen. You may even want to keep an online journal in the form of a blog if you are going on a longer trip so that your family and friends can log in and follow your travel adventures. So, if you struggle to keep track of your everyday activities and are keen to try something new this trip, then consider keeping a journal so that you can document all those memories.

Make a scrapbook

Did you enjoy making a scrapbook as a child? Perhaps you want to keep a scrapbook after completing a trip with a loved one or your partner, or maybe you want to get your kids more involved and creative? Scrapbooks only cost a few pounds to pick up, but you can fill them with a wealth of trinkets, postcards and ticket stubs that you pick up along the way. You could even cover your scrapbook with sand that you pick up from the beach! Making a scrapbook is an extremely creative and exciting way to keep your vacation memories alive. So get your glue ready, and get prepared to start cutting, sticking and pasting all those valuable tidbits into your scrapbook.

Create a photo collage

Even if you are not an expert photographer, creating a photo collage is the ideal way to keep your holiday memories alive and displayed around your home. You can use resources online such as a collage maker, to make stunning displays. Plus, you can choose if you want to create your own templates or choose from a complete library of options. So, it is up to you to get creative.

If you are keen to keep your memories alive, then you can easily beat the blues through choosing between a variety of creative and inspiring options. Keep a travel journal to write down your dreams and experiences, encourage your entire family to get creative through keeping a scrapbook and finally consider creating a photo collage if you want to create a beautiful display of all of your holiday snaps.

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