Easy Ways To Keep Your Windows In Excellent Shape

High-quality windows are excellent investments for your home, as they will improve its insulation, air-circulation and curb appeal. If you want your new purchases to be effective for years, you will need to do some maintenance and cleaning to keep them in top condition.

The best way to get advice about proper maintenance is to look directly to the source and see what a professional window company in Ottawa recommends doing with their products. One experienced company that you can turn to for assistance is Golden Windows — they have been distributing custom windows in Ottawa to homeowners and renovators for over fifty years. They know exactly how to clean every surface, how to seal gaps around the frames and how to tackle common problems like window sweat — this is condensation caused by the increased moisture indoors, resulting in water droplets dotting the glass surface. To get started, you can follow their tips for taking care of your windows on the care and maintenance page of their website — you can also peruse through their long-list of instructional articles on their official blog. If you take a look at your windows and feel like they are beyond repair, the company offers a wide selection of replacements.

You want your windows to give you a clear view of the outside world, so set aside time once in a while to wash them. You can properly clean windows by gathering a bucket of warm water and ph neutral dish soap, wiping the glass with a sponge, scraping the surface with a squeegee and then drying it with a clean rag. To be extremely thorough, you can remove the interior screen, give it a proper rinse and then re-insert it when it is dry. Be careful about the time of year that you choose to do this process because a scorching hot day will cause unsightly streaks and a freezing day will make the glass frost over.

When you decide to give your windows a thorough wash, consider looking at the hardware like locks and cranks along the frames. If you have awning or casement windows, you can clean window cranks by removing the arms, taking off any rust build-up, scrubbing the area and then wiping it dry with a piece of papertowel. To prevent any sticking or squeaking with hardware you can lubricate it lightly with a silicone spray or oil. If you have slider windows, you should try to remove dirt from the tracks, so they can be effortlessly opened and closed. It’s wise to test these parts of your windows whenever you are doing maintenance checks, especially with ones that you rarely use.

You don’t have to inspect and clean your windows every single weekend of the year to keep them in exceptional condition — you can do this specific round of housework biannually and see positive results. Dedicating two days out of your year to put in a little elbow grease will help this home feature stand the test of time.

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