How To Keep Up With Your Workout Regime While Travelling

There are a lot of things that can make sticking to even the best-designed fitness program trickier than usual. However, it is the people who are able to strategize for these situations and have plans to keep themselves on track who tend to be the ones who end up being able to meet their fitness goals.

Whether you work out to stay fit for sport, are aiming to lose weight or build muscle, or simply like to keep up a good workout regimen for your overall wellbeing, one of the things that can unsettle things can be traveling. When you travel a lot, for example, for work, or you are planning a long-term trip, it can even become more than a temporary setback and cause you to abandon your workout regimen altogether.

Happily, it doesn’t have to be like that, and if you know ahead of time that you will be traveling then there is plenty you can do to figure out a plan for working out on the road! Here are some tips:

Learn Strength Exercises That Use Your Bodyweight

Strength training is important even if you are going for weight loss, and so you’ll definitely want to be able to do this while you are traveling. Of course, carrying free weights around with you isn’t going to be practical and you may not have a gym where you are staying, so the best thing to do is learn some good exercises for all your key muscle groups that use your bodyweight. You can find some good guides to different exercises for strength at Build The Muscle.

Try Swimming

Depending on where you are travelling to, you could use swimming as a way to keep fit. Not only could you use a hotel pool if there is one, but some locations will be close by to rivers and the sea. Just be sure that they are safe places to swim, and that you pack your swimwear and beachwear.

Pack Water Dumbells

If you can’t manage the exercise you need to do or simply want more options while you are traveling (especially if you travel a lot or are going away for a long time), then investing in some portable weights that you fill with water to use can be a great idea. When empty they weight very little, so as long as you have access to water, you can fill them up and work out, and then simply pour it away when you want to pack them away again – a very useful solution.

Get Into Running

When it comes to cardio, you may not have the machines or classes you usually use, but will always be able to find somewhere at your destination where you can run for free! Google nearby parks and plan routes before you go so you’ll even be looking forward to your runs. If you don’t run at the moment, it can be easier to get started than you might think and a good couch to 5K program will get even the least enthusiastic people into running easily within a couple of months! Once you can do it, you have free, accessible cardio anywhere, as long as you pack the right shoes!

As you can see, it isn’t too difficult to find solutions that can keep you working on your fitness, no matter how much you travel!

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