It’s All Good: Keeping Your Kids Happy on Vacation

Creating the perfect family vacation can be incredibly stressful. However, it really doesn’t have to be.

With a little extra planning beforehand, your grand vacation can be one for all ages, whether you’re heading to the beach for a couple of weeks, or you’re going on a road trip to take in some culture and wildlife.

To help you plan your next family vacation the stress-free way, we’ve put together these handy tips:

Look for a Family-Friendly Hotel 

When you’re booking a holiday for the entire family, it can be tempting to plunge for a cheap hotel that’s renowned for its great deals. But proceed with caution. Cheap deals often mean you get a lot of people flocking to these hotels, including teenagers, hen dos, and stag parties – and when you’ve got young children in tow this can be a recipe for disaster. Music blaring out until all hours, cramped swimming pools…need we go on?

However, we’re not suggesting you shouldn’t look for deals at all, but instead, look for package holidays with family-friendly hotels, like the Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel, for example. These types of hotels provide you with a great base from which you can do all your activities, while also being safe in the knowledge that your kids (and you!) will be able to sleep at night.

Take Familiar Items with You 

One of the biggest challenges you may face when you’re on vacation is getting your children to go to sleep in a new environment. So, take along some familiar items that’ll help them drift off with ease. These include blankets, stuffed toys, books, and sensory items that they’re used to. This will help you create a relaxing, calming environment that feels like home from home.

Encourage Your Kids to be Travel Aficionados 

As a parent, you’ll want your children to get involved in travel, exploring new places, cultures, and local histories – and (fingers crossed) the different cuisines!

Feed their curiosity before you set off by showing them pictures of the area you’re visiting, including the foods and local attractions. This will accustom them to the area before they get there, making them aware that there are new experiences ahead.

And, to make sure they’re keen to get involved in new activities and try new foods, why not encourage them to create a scrapbook of their holiday. Having this book that they can show off to their friends, family, and teacher when they get back home will encourage them to get involved. They can add pictures of them eating funny foods or write down how they tried their hand at something they’ve never done before.

Allow Extra Time, Especially if You’re Flying 

It doesn’t matter how prepared you are before you set off, there’s always the chance you can get delayed. And as a full-time parent who’s constantly battling to get their kids to school on time, you’ll be all too familiar with this scenario. So, always allow plenty of extra time for your journey, especially if you’re flying. Not only will this reduce any near misses, but it’ll also remove any anxiety you or the kids feel as you’re rushing around.

After putting together an itinerary, you should be feeling ready and raring to head off on your next trip. Book in advance, keep the kids up to date with your plans and make the most of the new experiences. That way, you and your children will cherish these fond family memories for many years to come.

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