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I’d like to think that I am someone that is relatively healthy. But I do have some medicine that I take daily, along with supplements, to help the polycystic ovarian syndrome/ hormone imbalance that I have. Combined with leading a busy life, with two businesses and two children, and all that those things bring, I can be quite forgetful and feel like I’m constantly catching up with things. One of the first things that I will then forget to do as a result, if I’m rushing out of the house, is forgetting to take the pills that I need to.

I bought myself a pillbox in order to help. Then at the start of a week, I would fill it all up, so that I had the pills in each box that I needed to take and at the right time. The ones that needed to be taken in the morning box would be in the morning section, and so on. When there are a few to think about, and they need to be taken at different times of the day, then it did make a difference. But me being me, it didn’t last and I started to forget again. Doh!

I know that keeping up with our prescribed medicines will have the best impact long-term. I can’t deal with my PCOS and blood sugar balance as well, if I am only taking medicine once a day, rather than the recommended three times a day. So up until now, it has been a real juggle and having to leave my pill box out in sight, but not in sight of my children. As a result I was thrilled when I was given the chance to try out a pill reminder app for my iPhone, which is completely free to use.

Benefits of the App

The name does say it all, it is to remind you to take your pills, which I have found really beneficial so far. Of course, you need to take some time to input your medications and pill details, but it was simple and easy to do. Once you’ve done that, you can view a timeline of what medication reminders you have for the day, making it really easy to spot if you have missed one or not. The app helps you to ‘tick off’ what you have already taken, again, helping you to keep on track. I have found this a great benefit, especially on those extra busy days where you can’t remember if you have taken your correct dosage or not.

The biggest appeal to me is that you get reminders just your phone, right to your device. It prompts me when I’m due to take a pill, and you can also input how much you need to take (if it was a ml amount of liquid antibiotics, for example). It is also handy as it will let you know if you need to eat something first, which is what I need to do for the Metformin that I take. So for anyone with a busy life, or even a parent of little ones on medication, it is helpful to have the reminders and all of the vital information right there at your fingertips.

Medication Adherence

One aspect of the app is that you can view a report of the medications that you have taken, as well as if there have been any that have been missed. This can be important to report back to your doctor or healthcare provider, especially if strict adherence is a must (such as in cancer treatments, for example). Generally, though, it has helped me to feel more motivated to keep my health on track and to do what I can to help myself. It is a small thing but has made a difference in my life.

As it is an app that is free to download, details below, I think it is a great one to have on your phone. It is simple to use, and the reminders have been great for me, to empower me to choose health and take my prescribed medications as and when I should. When the thinking is done for me, I do much better with things! It is an app that I will carry on using, for sure, and I’d recommend it completely. 

The Details

The Safe and Sound Pill Reminder App can be downloaded here, and it is free to use and free to download:

It would be great to hear what you think – would you make use of a pill reminder app like this one? 

*this is a collaborative post, however, all opinions are my own. 

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