Keeping the Romance Alive After Having a Baby

If you are a new mommy, you will probably miss your relationship with your spouse. Life turns upside down as you are constantly drained and sleepy while caring for your little one. Your marital intimacy suffers the most as getting physical is perhaps the last thing you think about. But failing to keep your relationship intact after a baby can affect it in the long run. You may actually end up dealing with distance in your marriage instead of coming closer as parents. Luckily, both partners can do their bit to keep things on track. Here are some tips to reclaim marital intimacy after starting your parenting journey.

Be compassionate

New parents often become vulnerable to relationship woes as contrasting desires spark conflict. As a mom, you may feel overwhelmed when you cannot match the expectations of your partner. Losing body confidence is another factor that may hit intimacy after childbirth. Likewise, your partner may feel rejected and lonely when you focus only on the baby. Being compassionate and supportive can help you rework the physical part of the marriage eventually.

Steal quality time

Life is much busier for mommies after a baby comes home, and motherhood takes the front set. You cannot let your partner feel neglected due to a lack of time. Find ways to steal quality time for intimacy. You need not worry about privacy if you don’t have older kids, so get close wherever you are once the little one sleeps. You may only hug and be together if the energy levels run low for moving further. Being together should be the priority.

Be spontaneous

Being spontaneous is another good way to reclaim intimacy as new parents. Scheduling bedroom time may not be an option, so indulge when possible. Spontaneity is also about trying new things in bed to rekindle the spark. You can experiment with a real whizzinator XXX instead of going the usual way. Think outside the box with positions, and surprise your husband by initiating intimacy. You will find yourself wanting him more often..

Share the workload

Men often blame women for not being interested in romantic moments after a baby comes along. It often happens because your partner is too exhausted and stressed due to sleepless nights and endless chores. Sharing the workload is the best way to show your love and create space and energy for intimacy. Offer help with feeding, changing diapers, and housework, and let her rest when she wants to.

Make small gestures

Besides sharing the babycare workload, you can make small gestures to pamper the new mom. Let her take a relaxing bath while you look after the little one. Cook for her, give her a sensual massage, or treat her with a cup of herbal tea. Every time you do something to make her happy, you gain love and respect. The more she loves you, the more effort she invests in the bedroom.

Reclaiming marital intimacy after having a baby is easier than you think. Just show your love to each other and make the most of the time you get together. Your bedroom will be a super-romantic space sooner than later.

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