How to Keep Your Kid’s Hair Looking Great on a Budget

Younger children are less conscious of their hair. They rarely think twice about style and hair-washing day is sometimes a battle of wills. Older kids are more appearance oriented, so they will want a modern hairstyle that fits their current image. It is at this age you can expect your child to ask for a hairstyle that emulates their favourite celebrity.

If you are lucky enough to have unlimited funds to spend on salon appointments for your child, it is easy to ensure they always look well groomed. However, if you are living on a tight budget, regular salon appointments might not be feasible. Luckily, there is a lot you can do at home with a set of hair trimmers, so look at an online salon and check out their hair trimmers in stock.


The Difference between Boys and Girls

It is arguably a lot easier to take care of a boy’s hair at home. Most boys are happy with short hairstyles. This means you do not need to worry about mastering complex hairstyles and keeping lots of hair styling accessories at home. Girls, on the other hand, often like to have their hair braided, pinned up, and arranged in all kinds of complicated styles, which for a busy parent can be a bit of a nightmare.

Trimming a Boy’s Hair

For younger boys, it is nice and simple to adopt a super short style using hair trimmers. These are easy to use and are perfect for busy parents with precious little time. Most electric trimmers come with a range of different attachments, so you can trim hair to different lengths, ranging from a severe buzz cut to a much longer style. You can trim different sections of hair at different lengths.

Trimming a Girl’s Hair

If your daughter has long hair, keeping it tidy should not present too much of a problem. Bangs and ends are easy to trim if you have a sharp pair of hairdresser’s scissors. For best results, trim the hair when it is wet, as this gives you a sharper cut. Shorter styles are trickier, but if the hair is all one length, trimming is not too difficult as long as the hair is wet.

Styling Hair at Home

There are many hairstyling accessories for home use. A hair dryer is essential if your child has long hair. Combine this with a flat brush and some smoothing cream to achieve shiny, smooth hair. Alternatively, use hair-straightening irons.

If your daughter wants to experiment with braids and other complex hairstyles, watch videos on YouTube for inspiration. There are hundreds of great video tutorials for styling long (and short) hair and once you have mastered the steps, you can have fun trying out the different styles on your daughter’s hair.

One decent cut every occasionally is a good investment, but do not pay money to have your children’s hair cut and styled in a salon when you can do most of the work at home.

Do you tend to do try it at home?



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