Exploring Killarney National Park: Where to Visit With Children

When we were planning on a trip to Ireland last October half term, we weren’t sure what our children would think of it. While they do like to be outside, we weren’t sure if they’d like going for a hike all day long. And for part of the trip, we wanted to visit Killarney National Park in Country Kerry. I knew that I’d appreciate the beauty of the green isle, but wasn’t sure about the kids. But do you know what, they absolutely loved it!

So if you are thinking of a trip to Ireland, then you need to make sure that Killarney is on the itinerary. You can spend a while there if you need to, or even just fit lots into a day like we did. But fif you’ve got young children, they probably won’t be biking for miles around the place or hiking for hours on end.

So here are the things that we did, that are completely suited for children. We really had a great time!



Muckross House

The house is set in masses and masses of land. So if you get s sunny day like we did, then it really is stunning. The kids can run and play and you can walk as far as their legs will take them. In the grounds there are waterfalls and lakes, so lots to explore and you can even get a horse drawn carriage ride around the place.

As for the house, it is beautiful. They only do guided tours of the place, which I was a bit anxious about with kids. But the guide was so good; really engaging and interesting. She involved the kids in and we all really enjoyed it. Probably one of the first times in a while that I’ve been on a country house tour and actually learnt something. Normally I am just chasing after children. I would really recommend it. Both our kids were under six so they were free for admission. Two adult tickets is €15.


Gap of Dunloe

I think this was one of the best parts of our trip. It is basically a bit in the middle of nowhere and the road just narrows to one that can only be walked up. Luckily there is a car park just before that happens. There are plenty of people around offering horse rides, but we saved our money and walked up. We didn’t explore it all, but did spend a couple of hours there. I was surprised to learn just how much my two loved climbing and exploring on the rocks; it felt like the boy was part mountain goat. He wanted to just keep going and going!



The area is completely stunning. We had a pretty clear day when we went so we could see for miles. The views are amazing! Not sure the kids appreciated it, but the did enjoy climbing on the rocks.


Ross Castle

While Ross Castle won’t take up a lot of your time on the trip, it is still worth a visit. During some months the castle is even a B&B! You can look around some parts of the castle, but for me, it was all about the grounds. The lake nearby is just stunning. In summer, it said that you can take a boat out which would be amazing. If you’re looking for an Irish Castle, then this one has to be on the list. Plus, I don’t know many kids that don’t like visiting a castle, right?


Have you ever been to Killarney? Would love to hear where you visited and what you thought.

Rebecca x

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