Kitchen Renovation – Small Changes For Big Impact

Most people agree the kitchen is the primary room in the home. The kitchen is where everyone comes together and shares life. It is where families renew their bond with each other. When it is time to renovate the kitchen, you want it to be functional and modern, as well as inviting and warm. We will give you a few tips to allow you to accomplish these goals, without costing a fortune.


Where everything is located makes a huge difference. Your stove, sink, and refrigerator should be at equal points that form a triangle shape. You can decide if you want the stove facing the “people area” or the (island) sink. It depends on where you expect to be standing most of the time. There is no “wrong” way. It is your personal choice. If you stick with the triangle, cooking is much easier and convenient.

Pots and pans should be in a deep drawer that pulls out for easy access near the stove. Another deep drawer near the sink makes for a good trash or recycling area.


Focal Points

Concentrate on two or three focal points. These are the items in the room that grab the eye and create the wow factor. A beautiful and unique faucet for the sink is always a good choice. For up-to-date, faucets in a range of finishes, visit Maestro Bath.

Lighting is another great choice. Have low hanging lighting over the island or dining area. But do not neglect the rest of the kitchen. Cabinets often shadow countertops, so consider under the cabinet lights for easier cooking, and a warm glow.

The third focal point is “anything goes”. It can be a beautiful mosaic backsplash, a large window, beautiful dinette chairs or even a decorative bright bowl of colorful candy on your dining table. Even appliances in a bold color will make an impression.

For a big impact add a big hood above the range. This fits in well with your functionally beautiful theme.


Do not let your kitchen cabinets overpower the room. Consider open front shelves for your dishes. If you have older cabinets, paint them a bright white for an instant improvement. To give the room a more open look, consider changing the doors from wood to glass. Do not forget to change your hardware. Knobs and handles should compliment the other fixtures in the room.


The kitchen floor takes a lot of punishment. It also is a major factor in the looks of your kitchen. There are several options to choose from. Some of the most popular and inexpensive ideas are:

  • Linoleum
    • Comes in many patterns and styles
    • Is inexpensive so replacing in the future is an option
  • Existing wood
    • If the floor is already wood, consider refinishing it or go modern by painting the floor. This is a cheap way to make your room look great without a lot of work or expense.
  • Laminate
    • Many choices
    • Huge selection of patterns and finishes
    • On the low to medium end of expense (depending on the quality)
  • Porcelain
    • Very beautiful choices
    • Adds class and style to the kitchen
    • A little more expensive than other choices, but a great investment

There are more choices, such as hardwood with inlays and European Oak, and tile. If you are investing that kind of money on your kitchen floor, contact an expert.

Make it POP!

Add some bright splashes of color for a great kitchen. A bright vase, chair, or stool will brighten the room. Add a different color wall paint on one wall to make it stand out. Hang pots and pans from a rack. The shiny metal will reflect the brightness of the room.

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