Knaresborough: The Hidden Gem of North Yorkshire?

In honour of Yorkshire Day just a couple of days ago, I felt the need to share some more of my hometown in North Yorkshire, where I was born and raised: Knaresborough. Now living in the south, I’m sure I do remember some aspects with rose coloured glasses, but I think my happy memories stem from growing up in the little market town and all the fun we had.

We don’t get up to visit as often now, especially since my parents moved elsewhere in Yorkshire a few years ago. But there are many things to do there if you find yourself up in Yorkshire, especially in the Harrogate and North Yorkshire area. I remember when Mr. U first came to visit, he being from Kent, and he was pretty sure that Knaresborough was what Tolkien based ‘the Shire’ on! It is very picturesque and pretty. So what is there to do? Here are some things that I enjoyed doing when I lived there.

things to do in Knaresborough
the view from the castle and gardens!

Knaresborough Castle and Gardens

So it is called a castle, but  basically it is just ruins. But you can go inside, including the dungeon, and have a look around the stone castle. The gardens is fun to walk around on a sunny day, and the view of the area is the best. It overlooks the viaduct and the river, and really is stunning. Just a short walk from the town centre, it is a must.


Walk Along Waterside

The river that you see in Knaresborough is the river Nidd, and you can walk all along it along the road called Waterside. A ┬ápopular spot for tourists, there are plenty of little cafes and ice cream stands. On a sunny day you can’t beat a little mooch down there. You can also hire out little row boats on the river (a dating must if you lived in Knaresborough)! It is a pretty route to row on and, as I remember, is only a couple of pounds to do so.

Bebra Gardens

If you’re looking for a little bit of peace and quiet, then Bebra Gardens is a must on the list. It is a bit of a walk to get to it, but it is worth it. Full of flowers, you can soak up the sun in the gardens or take many an Instagram-worthy picture. In the summer, and on warm days, there is an open air swimming pool in use, so if you’ve got kids, it makes a fun little day out in the gardens. The park gets its name from a town in Germany called Bebra that Knaresborough is twinned with. I went to Bebra on a German exchange when I was at school but it didn’t have a patch on K-Town.

I’d love to hear if you’ve been to Knaresborough before? Thanks for stopping by.

Rebecca x

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