What To Pack For a Trip To The Lake District

Once the schools have broken up for summer, we are going to be taking a bit of a staycation to the Lake District. I went many times when I was younger, but hadn’t been back since until the end of October back in 2015. Just the husband and I went and it was so much fun. So much os that we wanted to go again, but this time with the children. They both love being outdoors and it is still a good four or five hour drive from us, so can feel like a proper little holiday.

I wasn’t sure if it would work with the kids but since going to Ireland last year, and seeing that my son is part mountain goat, it seems we’ll be fine to get some proper walking in while we are away. So I need to make sure that we pack up the right things for the trip. Its the north, so the weather can be pretty varied, even in August! So there are a few different things to take. But here are some of the things on my list – have you ever been?


Hiking Shoes or Boots

I mean this one is pretty self-explanatory. But you’re not going to get very far in the Lake District without a good pair of hiking boots or shoes. I have a pair of Salomon Walking Shoes from Millet Sports and they are so, so comfortable (they are the Salomon X Ultra 2 GTX to be precise). I felt like I was bouncing around in them when I first put them on, so it’s great for wearing them for long periods of time. I have had hiking boots before, but sometimes I find the ankle support rather annoying and actually a bit painful, so these are a nice alternative (especially as we may be there when there is some warm weather).

I really like that these ones have a buckle to tighten them up, rather than having laces. So you don’t have to worry about them coming undone. When they’re done up, they’re done up, which is great when you’re out all day doing some walking, especially over varied terrain. No one likes getting wet shoe laces if you’re walking in puddles! I have not seen this before with hiking shoes so thought it was a really cool feature.


So if you’re in the market for a pair of walking shoes, I can totally recommend these!


Maps & Compass

Though we live in a pretty digital age, we have to remember that in certain areas of the lakes, there will be no phone signal! So if you’re planning to be off the beaten track a little bit (and even if you’re not really), then you need to have a map and compass. The area is vast and you don’t want to get lost!

Camera (and waterproof pouch)

The lake district is one of the most beautiful places ever. So a camera is a must. Just don’t make the mistake like my husband did a few years ago and leave your camera in a non-waterproof bag, and then end up in a rainstorm! Having a cover to keep the rain out is important – you never know!

First Aid Kit

After a few days of walking, you’re likely to have some blisters on your feet, as well as maybe some scratches or bruises along the way. With kids I would say that this is especially important! I will be taking some of our essential oils, as well as plasters and a small standard first aid kit. Better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re kind of in the middle of nowhere, and far from most things.

Have you got any staycations planned this summer?

Rebecca x*thanks to Millet Sports for my walking shoes. All opinions are my own.

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