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One of my favourite things about the changing seasons, are the scents that are associated with it. As a result, I love to have seasonal scented candles in the home. Not only do they give off a cosy feel to the rooms they are in, but they obviously make the place smell good. That changes the mood of the room almost.

I always associate certain smells with memories too. So I hope I can create that for my children as they grow up. Having scents of cinnamon and clove around Christmas time, citrus scents in summer and woody notes or pumpkin spice in Autumn. I tend to use essential oils in a diffuser to scent the home, but they just don’t create any cosiness, if that makes sense? I used to use a different brand of candle but can find their scents a little too ‘fake’ smelling. So when I was introduced to Landon Tyler candles and diffusers, I was looking forward to trying them out.



First of all, I was impressed with the look of the candle and diffuser. Even the packaging looked good and gives the impression of a luxury product. They look simple but classy, so would make a perfect gift, as well as just for display in your home. The simple smoked glass bottles look good and will blend in well to the rest of the room and other accessories. I like that the colours are simple and aren’t really artificial looking, like many other candle brands.


But of course, with a candle and diffuser, you want to know what it smells like, right? I chose the Golden Amber scent. I thought it would be a good scent for this time of year, as we head into winter. Golden Amber is a scent containing frankincense, musk, patchouli, nutmeg, rose and sandalwood. It was quite a subtle scent, in that it wasn’t overpowering. But when you walk into the room it is in, you can smell it. It is a great scent for autumn and winter, as it is has a hint of spice from the nutmeg, but still has lovely fragrant tones from the rose and frankincense.



There are twelve fragrances available in total, with names like ‘Winter Woods’, ‘Citrus Grove’, and ‘Wild Berries’. So there are different scents you could choose from throughout the year. But are they expensive to buy, if you wanted to have seasonal candles in the home? The cost for a single wick candle is £8, and for a 100ml diffuser it is £10. I think this is total value for money! A candle can last as long as you want it to, and the diffuser is meant to last about three months. Compared to other scented candles, they are a really good price. They have a feel of luxury to them, so I think they would make really affordable gifts too. I don’t know many people that don’t like having scented candles!

There wasn’t anything that I particularly disliked to be honest, so would completely recommend these products. Have you heard of them before?


*the items were gifted in exchange for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.

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