Legit Ways To Save Money When You Shop For Clothes at New Look

I love a good bargain (who doesn’t), so am always on the lookout for ways to save on the things that I am planning on buying anyway. I always go by the phrase of why pay more? If you are going to buy something, then it makes sense to pay less for it, right?

In the long run, the best thing to save you a lot of money is to only spend on what you can afford and actually need. Which is something I have become much better at. My student days were a dark time when I just seemed to have an impulse to constantly spend. But I am so much better at differentiating between wants and needs. I have also created a bit more of a capsule wardrobe. So I know what I really won’t wear or need when I am looking around the shops. I have been loving shopping at New Look these days, so have been looking about how to save even more when I shop there.

So if there are things that you are planning on buying, how can you save? Here are tips and tricks that I have done to grab myself a bargain.


Get an NUS Card

It was a sad time when I graduated, started work and had to start paying off my student loan. And had my NUS card taken off me! I loved that for a bit of discount when I shopped. But the things is, you can get an NUS card, even when you’re not a full time student. There is a loophole that I heard about online, where you can buy an eCourse for around £9. Then it gives you a student card for the year. So if you shop in many high street retailers and restaurants, and go to the cinema quite a lot, then you’ll get your £9 back in no time. So say hello to 10% – 20% off a lot of at New Look.

Look For a Voucher Code

I am a big fan of shopping online. In fact, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been in a physical clothes store in the past year. So when I do my shopping online, I always look for a voucher code. It is one of the perks of shopping online for sure. There are lots of different voucher code sites that you could look at. It all just depends on the retailer you’re looking at and what the offers are.

One of my favourite places to shop online is New Look. So I click through somewhere like https://www.discountpromocodes.co.uk/new-look, before going I checkout. Even if it is just a code for free delivery it makes a difference.

Use a Cashback Site

As well as using a voucher code site, you could also use a cutback site when you shop online. Again, search online for the net one to suit your needs. But it is straightforward to sign up and start earning money back on the things you buy. You’re not getting money off your purchase directly, but clicking through the site and making the purchase will give you a certain percentage of the cost back. An indirect way of saving I suppose.

Some cash back sites let you enter in receipt details once you have made a purchase. So you can use the site when you shop in store, as well as online.

Sign Up More Than Once

Many online retailers have offers for when you sign up to their newsletter. I just looked today and New Look’s is 30% off your first purchase when you sign up. Thirty percent is huge! So look for mailing lists to sign up to before making a purchase. You should also use a different email address to sign up again, if at another date, you want to buy from that retailer again. It is all based on email addresses, so just use a different email.

Have you found any ways to save money that genuinely work? Would love to hear about them.

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