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When I first started a blog it was quite a few years ago, when we were first married, and I did it as a way to keep family and friends updated with what we got up to. As life does, it evolved and here it is today.

There’s a whole other side of blogging I didn’t use to know existed. Advertising, linkys, product reviews, working with PRs, being active on social media, blogging conferences, just to name a few. Some of things that are hard to explain to non-bloggers without getting funny looks. For example:

‘You mean you’re going to an event where you don’t know anyone? No-one at all?’

‘Yep. Well I know their names and what they look like. I know all about what their kids get up to on their blog and Instagram. So I kind of know them’.

It can feel a bit stalkerish. But I guess it’s just part of the blogging game. I love that there is a big blogging community, particularly with other parent bloggers. I might sound like a loser but I love having online blogger pals. I remember the first blog event that I went to, it did feel quite odd that there were lots of people that I recognised but didn’t actually know, if you know what I mean?

Anyway, whilst I love writing a blog and all that it entails, there are a few funny little quirks about life as a blogger that I have found along my blogging journey that I thought I’d share.

Can you relate?

  • Constantly having your phone or camera on hand – making a meal? Day out with the kids? Wait while I document every moment, I might need it for a blog post. Families and friends of bloggers must think it’s hilarious.
  • Social Media – updating Twitter, Facebook and Instagram every few hours? Check.
  • Emails  – so many emails from companies and PRs about products, giveaways, advertising etc. It takes up a lot more time that you think.
  • Linkys – I do love joining in with linkys / blog-hops but I am be so disorganised sometimes so forget when each one is running. And whilst you can add them after the day it’s launched, it’s better to have been involved on the actual day. This is probably just a point relevant to me – I must get a blog planner!
  • “Oh, but you just go that for free” – gahhh, one of the most annoying things you can say to a blogger. Yes, I get given products by companies and I love this side of blogging but it is usually in exchange for something. Just because my ‘wage’ isn’t always cash, it doesn’t mean I don’t do anything to get the ‘freebies’. Review posts require time using and testing the item, taking photos, editing them, writing up the post to a good standard and then sharing on social media, linkys, emails etc. It definitely doesn’t come for free.
  • Deliveries – along the lines of the previous point, but if you’re out and one of your items delivery is attempted, it’s a little annoying seeing another ‘Sorry we’ve missed you’ card on the doormat. Off to the post office again…
  • Who is reading – just sitting and writing and then occasionally wondering if there is anyone else other than your mum reading your blog haha.
  • Comments – I love getting comments but in my experience, it seems there’s a little bit of politics around commenting on blogs. I’ve been on some blogs that have ‘guidelines’ before you comment saying what will or won’t be deleted (chill out). Then do you leave your link? Do you reply to ones you’ve received? Do you visit each blog of everyone that comments on yours? I try to do all of the above as it’s fun discovering new blogs – I suppose there is not right of wrong.

I’m sure there will be much more that I learn as I go on and like I have said, there isn’t a right or wrong answer to things necessarily. Just learning along the way.

Super Busy Mum

Rebecca x

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