Life as a Zombie

So not quite thirsting for blood, but wandering around in a half-dead state, dark circles under eyes, perhaps a little pale and most likely to answer in a grunt rather than an actual sentence. Congratulations! You’ve become a parent.

Max was a much better sleeper than Chloe. He was sleeping through at 5 months, napped like a champ and still does sleep really well. Chloe on the other hand, still waking up in the night, still pretty naff at napping and generally just not a ‘sleeper’. I don’t think I’ve felt so exhausted in all my life. I’ve had to come up with some strategies to get on with life, despite feeling absolutely cream-crackered.

ahh, the elusive nap time!

~ You can’t go wrong with a good concealer (Touche Eclat is my personal fave). I heard a phrase once ‘fake it until you make it’ so along those lines, you can just fake feeling good. If you’re looking half decent you should feel half decent right? If not, and you’ve got some concealer on, at least you won’t get those comments like ‘oh you look so exhausted’ or ‘my, you look so ill’. Nope, that’s just my face, I didn’t wear make up today. True story.

~ Avoiding Social Media always helps. Don’t want to hear about little Tilly that has been sleeping through since she was a week old? Then just avoid things like brag-book. Mostly that person is probably telling a little bit of a lie to themselves, or they’re just rubbing it. Either way, stay away from that kind of comparing crap.

~ Take a Nap. Sorry, what? In theory that is nice, but really, sleeping when baby does rarely happens, for me anyway. There is just always something to get cleaned or another episode of Revenge to watch, ahem. Plus it is just nice to sit in silence. The thing with parenthood is that it is just a battle between trying to get enough sleep and trying to have some alone time.

~ Face it, they’ll sleep through eventually. Whether that is when they go off to Uni or a bit earlier, you’ll get your kip eventually. Failing that, chocolate is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food.

How do you cope with little sleep?

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  • I hear you! I am hoping she will sleep through before her 16 birthday… aiming high! 🙂 Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

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