Life on Costa Blanca

We got back a few days ago from a trip to Spain. It was so nice to relax, rest and actually enjoy some warm, sunny weather. We were staying near El Campello, which is on the Costa Blanca, just a  little drive north of Alicante.

It is somewhere that we do get chance to visit quite often, due to my in-lwas having a villa there. It is handy that we know where everything is, know what there is to do and can just chill for a bit with the kids. After a great flight with Chloe (compared to the nightmare that was flying to Thailand with her last year), we were ready to pick up our car rental and go!


We went on a few trips and out out at a few restaurants. But most of all it was just nice to relax and enjoy some family time. We had the use of a pool which was handy, but it turns out that my two water babies really love the sea! They loved slashing and swimming in the sea. Chloe loved to make lots of sandy mess and cover herself (and her hair) in sand. All good memories, though, right?! Eeeeek! One of our favourite places to visit is up in the mountains, called Fonts d’algar. It is a stunning waterfall area but you can swim in it too. It is pretty cold water as it is fresh from the top of the mountains, but it is a lovely shaded area. You can hike around that area too – it is lovely!

IMG_0177 IMG_0235 IMG_0275

Max got the chicken pox when we were out there which wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. We found some lotion for him in a pharmacy but he was a trooper and really got on with it well. I was panicking thinking that we wouldn’t be allowed to fly home but he was pretty much cleared up by the time we were ready to fly.

IMG_0287 IMG_0246


I would recommend a trip to Spain for families – it is a perfect family friendly location. You can keep it as chilled out as you want, or you can keep yourself busy. So there is something for everyone! Have you every been?


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