Lighting Mistakes That You Are Making In Your Home

The lighting in your home can really affect how well things work and how things look. For instance, it can be hard to do some work of an evening in a study at home, if the room is badly lit. Trust me, I should know! It can makes you strain your eyes which is never a good thing. The same can be said of the kitchen and even in bedrooms and living areas. If the lighting isn’t quite right, then it does make a big difference.

So if you think you would like to step up your lighting game, here are a few common mistakes that you should look to avoid.

Relying On Only One Light Source

To get good lighting in a room, it needs to be all about the layering of the light. In a living room or bedroom, for example, mix it up with a main light in the centre of the room. As well as something like a floor lamp or a desk light or some wall lighting. Using light at different heights is also a great way to create at atmosphere in the room. You can create a sense of mood lighting if needed too.


{some of my favourite lighting options from that could help with the variety of lighting needed in your home}

Using Lights That Are Too Bright

When your main light is super bright, it can make you feel a little like you are about to take centre stage! So think about the wattage that use and you could even think about something like a dimmer switch. Sometimes bright light is necessary. But not all the time, right? It can be quite harsh on you and unflattering. So even think about this in rooms like the bathroom too.

Putting Light Switches in Awkward Places

Haven’t we all had that experience of going into someone’s home that we have never been to before, and tried to locate the light to the bathroom or kitchen? If it isn’t where you expect it to be, then what on earth is it doing? They might be the wrong height or set quite far into a wall. As a rule, they should be around 35 inches up from the floor. With only being about an inch away from the door frame of the room that it is in. No one wants a light switch in the middle of a wall! If you’ve got some light switches in awkward places, then it can be a little awkward to rectify. If you can, though, it does make a difference.

Have you got any faux pas when it comes to lighting in the home?


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