Lighting Up The Garden This Summer

With the lovely sunny weather that we have been having, it has been so nice to get out in the garden more and more. Especially late into the evenings when it is still nice and warm. There’s really nothing nicer than knowing you can carry on your summer day late into the evening, especially if you’re in a cosily lit outdoor area.

VARTA, a leading consumer technology manufacturer, has challenged me to transform some of our outdoor space with some of their products, to see if they will make a difference in our garden over summer. We have been sent:

  • Outdoor fairy lights
  • Solar powered garden lights
  • VARTA outdoor comfort lantern
  • VARTA Power Bank

I love the idea of outdoor fairy lights, as they can just look so magical and sparkly. What I wasn’t sure about is where to put them. We do have a fence that I thought they could be draped along, but in the end, I decided to wrap them around an old frame that we’ve had in the garden for a while. It used to house roses but they were really dead. So I pulled that out and then used the lights on the frame. It is also the area where we used to store the bins, so I tidied up that whole general area so it looked much neater.









The other things that we used to decorate our garden with was the solar panel lights. They use the VARTA solar batteries that are ideal of this kind of thing. I love that the lights charge up during the day and will automatically give off light in the evenings when it starts to get dark. No switches or controls, just does it itself. This is perfect! And with some great timing, our main outdoor light by the front door stopped working. We will replace the bulb for it, but for now, the lights by the side of the front door are a great addition.





We were also sent a comfort lantern to use when we’re out and about. I had never heard of one of these so was really intrigued. It gives off a yellowed orange light but I didn’t think anything of it really (then I read through the instructions)! The colour of the light is great for repelling bugs and mosquitos, so it is perfect for anytime, but especially at this time of the year. It will be used for any of our summer BBQs that go into the evening, as well as camping trips. Though we haven’t had lots of use out of it, it has made a difference.

As for the power bank, it has been such a help. As a blogger, I find I always have my phone with me (though to be fair, I don’t think that is a trait exclusive to bloggers). So having somewhere to charge it up when I’m out of battery is super helpful. I have definitely been impressed by VARTA and their range of products.

Have you got any plans to change the look of your garden this summer? Any summer garden parties or BBQs planned? Would love to hear what you think.

Rebecca x*collaborative post – all words are my own.

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