Our Little Adventure

We were recently offered the chance to try some new Barny bear cakes and take part in our own little winter adventure. Having already tried the milk and chocolate versions of the cakes, I knew Max would love to try the strawberry and apple versions – yum! Bonus that they contain no artificial colours or preservatives.

I had an amazing little adventure planned in my head. We would make a day of it and head out to the woods and take a picnic, see what leaves and animals we could find, make mud prints, collect sticks and leaves and so on. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite go to plan. Being 35 weeks into my second pregnancy and having recently been practically put on bed rest, I thought we would have a little adventure at home instead. (I’ll blame the wet weather too!)



Anyway, I set aside one afternoon for our adventure and when there was a break in the rain, we put on coats and wellies and headed out into the garden. We are lucky to have a decent sized garden so that was our ‘woods’ and we the plan was to still see what leaves and bugs we could find. Having hibernated over winter so far, the garden has been practically untouched so we were able to uncover rocks and stones to see what was underneath and because of the damp weather we saw plenty of slugs and snails – thank goodness I have a little boy who loves creepy crawlies.


The lawn and flowerbeds have been saturated due to recent weather too so I remembered something I had been taught in primary school when the field was wet (good memory, I know). If the grass / mud is wet and you stamp on it, it brings worms to the surface. Like I have said, Max loves this kind of thing so was happy to go ‘stamp, stamp, stamp’ on the ground to see if we could unearth a worm.


Well, it worked (kind of anyway). We got one worm and decided to call him wiggly. I only managed to get one pic of wiggly before Max picked him up and inspected him! Max was happy playing for ages in the garden and seeing what he could find. We saw slugs on some of the gardening tools that had been left out, learnt about daffodils that are starting to peak through and talked about the colours and types of leaves and flowers. Loved being outside with my boy!



We then headed back inside for an indoor picnic on the living room floor – we set out a blanket and had a hot chocolate and some Barny cakes whilst the boy and I talked about the bugs we had seen. Max definitely preferred the apple filled cakes and I preferred the strawberry filled cakes (will def be buying some more in the future). I then got some paper and crayons out and Max drew pictures of the bugs and being outside (or just scribbled, whichever way you look at it).


It may have not gone to plan, but like most things when you’re a parent, we had to be flexible and ended up loving our #littleadventure at home!

Rebecca x

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This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Winter Little Adventures Challenge’ sponsored by Barny, individually wrapped bear-shaped sponges with a hidden filling. Find out more about Barny here

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