Little Life Catch Up

I thought it was about time I did a proper update on what is going on with us.

I love blogging but as of late I have felt quite overwhelmed with everything that I need to do for it and as a result I have taken a slight step back, only posting the things that I need to, like product reviews. While they are an important part of my blog and I enjoy testing things out with my family, I don’t want it to seem that all I do is try to flog you things. I don’t want to lose the personal element of my blog and have it become a PR machine, which I think it was slightly.


So, what is going on in the life of Family U?

Mr. U is busy as ever with work and thanks to the trains (thanks Southern rail), he is often very late home so sometime feels like we are passing like ships in the night and haven’t been having as much quality time together. We are looking forward to the Easter break when he will take some time off, plus the usual Easter days off, and we’re planning a little trip and just regroup and get to know each other again, if that makes any sense!

I, like I have said, am busy as ever. My blog is really taking off and whilst that is really exciting, it adds a whole new element¬†of busy to life. More emails to do and reply to, more products to review, photograph and post, more this, more that. But I can’t really complain. Blogging is a huge passion of mine, it would have to be ūüėČ and I’m so lucky that I’m able to make a little from it, allowing me to be a work-at-home mum. I love the time I get with my two babes each day.

Other than the daily ins and outs of life, I have had a rather annoying health issue with my eye. It sounds random and like it wouldn’t affect you that much, but I have had severe eye pain for a few days and I literally couldn’t function.¬†I would just lay on the sofa all day – Mr U has been a star, helping me out and just completely taking over everything for me. Anyway,¬†I woke up the other morning and I couldn’t see out of that eye! After lots of hospital trips back and forth (I know that waiting room alllll too well), I have been diagnosed with uveitis and an ulcer on my iris. Cray cray! So no contact lenses for a month or so and eye drops every hour (yes, even at night). I’m walking around with no eye makeup¬†on (vom) but¬†I’m not in pain anymore though due to the drops –¬†it could have been a lot worse! I’m counting my blessing and thankful that I still have my sight.

I have booked my flights to go and see my sister again in Chicago, in a couple of months. I’m sure the time in between will go quickly but it just seems so far away. I’m desperate to¬†squeeze those new quad niece and nephews of mine (as well as their big sister and mummy, oh and my brother-in-law too). I will be going by myself which is quite exciting – a flight all by myself?! This hasn’t happened in years. I’ll actually take a book with me and who knows, maybe I’ll even be able to watch an in-flight film ūüėČ wild!febinsta14

I am trying out new things with my diet and after being recommended to read ‘Wheat Belly’ and the discovery of Deliciously Ella, I am starting a new food journey. I aim to be gluten-free and eat a lot more plant based, refined sugar-free diet. I have always made¬†meals from scratch but need to do a lot more of it and make a lot more snacks, particularly for the kids, from scratch, rather than having sugar laden shop-bought snacks. Having been more conscious of¬†this and reading labels a lot more, sugar is in everything – even things that are advertised as ‘healthy’. I know it will help me to shift some weight but generally just have more energy. We have a big holiday booked in June (Dubai and Phuket) so I’m on a weight loss mission for that too.

febinsta4Max is loving preschool as he now goes three mornings a week. They said the other day that he was shouting ‘I don’t want to go home’ at the end of the session. Don’t know whether to take that as a good thing or a bad thing? Glad he’s loving nursery I guess. He is getting quite cheeky and moody and can see where the term ‘threenager’ comes from. I never thought he was terrible at two, but he’s making up for it now it seems.¬†It isn’t all the time though and he is very often still my little sweet boy that just ‘needs a cuddle’.

Max has been loving Frozen all over again, and asks to watch it all the time. We sing a long to the soundtrack too and his fave is ‘In Summer’. We saw Big Hero 6 recently too and he said he loved it and thought it was better than Frozen! If that isn’t a compliment I don’t know what is?!

Chloe is 11 months old now and growing (and eating) lots and lots. She has 6 teeth and its so¬†funny how it changes how they look when they get teeth in their mouth. She is a joy and we’re looking forward to her walking – she is desperate to be off and about chasing her brother, bless her.

Thank you to every single one of you that reads my blog – it means the world!

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Rebecca x

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