Little Places with Big Potential: Exciting Ideas For a Garage or Shed

Many properties around the country have outbuildings like a tool and gardening shed or a garage that doesn’t get much use other than storage. Sure, they may be great for the purpose of storing a few items, but wouldn’t it be better if you could figure out something unique to do with the space?

Many people have begun to transform those barely-used sheds or spaces into fun, exciting spaces that they or others can hang out in. In fact, there has been somewhat of a world-wide craze for decorating small spaces into useful rooms. Even with the smallest of spaces, there are things you can do to spice it up. Here are a few cool ideas you can use to transform that space on the back of your property into a place people would love to gather.


Guest Suite

While you may really enjoy having family and friends spend a few days or weeks with you, you have to admit that sometimes even a large house can begin to feel cramped. So why not transform the space into a guest suite where people can stay as long as they like?

With even just a little amount of space – even a shed as small as 100 square feet – you can design a place for a bed and, if you are willing to do so, a small bathroom, sink and even a small stove to cook on. You can add heaters (like these from RS Components) so your guests can be comfortable no matter how cold it is outside. Throw down some carpet and add some insulation and paint to the walls, and you’ll have a cosy suite that all of your guests will enjoy.

Home Office

Finding office space, or just a quiet place to work, can be difficult in your house, especially if you have kids. Turning your unused shed into a home office is a great way to get away from the distractions and get your work finished. I would love to do this to our shed!

All you need to do is to run electricity to the shed so you can plug in your computer, printer, etc., but there is so much more you can do that it’s really up to you how far you want to take it. Carpeting can make the space feel more professional and a nice desk configuration will make it easy to work.



If you have a hobby that you can’t find space for, the shed should be the first thing to come to mind. In fact, this may be the easiest way to utilise your unused shed or garage, as all you would really need is electricity. There’s no need for carpeting or other amenities unless you want them. For many hobbies, woodworking, electronics, even painting or sculpting, having a bare floor makes it easier to clean up. Just make sure you have good ventilation with some windows and you should be all set.

Don’t let that shed or the garage go unused. One of these configurations could be just what the space needs.

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