Little U | 2 Months

I can’t believe out little girl, Chloe, is now two months old. I know it’s so cliché to say it but time really does fly.

I have been loving these early days. I feel so much more prepared with my second child and it’s been really nice to enjoy this time with my daughter and my son helping. Feeding is going really well, I’m much happier with it this time round. Though I fed Max until he was 9 months, I hated the first few months. I remember just telling myself, you just need to get to 4 months and then we’ll start weaning him so it won’t be as full on with breast milk. By then though things were fine but this time round, after a few days I was back in the swing of things and she’s feeding well.


Max does love being around his baby sister but is still not too fussed. He’ll go up to her, say hi and ask how she’s doing. When she doesn’t respond he just walks off. He’ll help with getting her nappies out and things but his favourite thing to do is to help burp her after a feed. If she gets a burp up or ‘bit sick’ as he would say, he feels really proud and thinks it’s quite funny! He has bopped her on the head once though so am wondering if the green eyed monster may be starting to rear its head now??

Chloe is gaining weight well and is on 75th centile for weight, length and head circumference. She has a lot of dark hair but we’re still thinking it will change colour (its pretty fair at the roots). If it doesn’t go blonde, she’ll just look nothing like her brother, even more – the differences are crazy but guess the hubs and I each have a mini-me.


Chloe is so smiley and as long as she’s clean, fed and burped, she’s a happy girl. Love hearing all her cute coo-ing noises. She sleeps at night, just waking for feeds and sometimes its only once a night – this mamma loves that. You forget about the tiredness you feel with a newborn when your  first child has been sleeping through for a while. For me, that’s the hardest thing – I love sleep!

We are very blessed to be parents and very happy with our little family.


Rebecca x

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