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Since I have become a blogger and been diagnosed with PCOS and some thyroid function problems, I spend a lot of time looking online. Doing research not only for what I can do to improve my symptoms, but also food ideas and recipe inspiration. There are certainly a lot of things that you need to cut out when you’re not having dairy or refined sugar, especially when it comes to baking.

One of the biggest names with this kind of eating is Deliciously Ella. I have her recipe books and have followed her story for a while now. Then when she got married, I came across Livia’s Kitchen (a blog and a sweet treats recipe book), as Olivia made Ella’s wedding cake. Look at me, using first names like we’re besties haha. But anyway, I then began following Olivia and really find her blog, and particularly her Instagram really inspiring. I use her recipe book really regularly too.



I may have heavily hinted that she does baking courses to my husband, so I was thrilled when on Christmas morning a ticket to one of Livia’s Kitchen baking courses was waiting under the tree for me. I went to the course this past weekend and had such a fun time. It was great to meet Olivia and Lydia from her team, as well as some like-minded people on a mission to be healthier and eat well. The sweet treats that we made helped too, obvs.



First of all we made some strawberry cheesecake tartlets, which including a strawberry and chis seed jam – so much goodness without any refined sugar. The second recipe we made, and probably my favourite, was the raw cookie dough bars. Really indulgent and hard to believe that all the ingredients were completely natural. The third recipe was apple and raspberry crumble bars and the final recipe was simple chocolatey oat cookies. The four recipes change each time and I think the baking courses run approx. every six weeks.


We got to taste as we went along, as well as take goodies home with us. I have been very popular over the past couple of days (though the cookie dough slices didn’t last very long)! The course cost £90, which does sound like a lot. But it was four hours long and I think it was completely worth it. If you are changing the way you eat, have health issues that you’re using food to deal with, or have allergies, intolerances or are vegan, then it would be really with it for you. It was fun learning tips and tricks for this style of baking, and hear about Olivia’s story of using food to heal, as well as the people on the course. I honestly loved it and found the course really enjoyable. I would certainly recommend it. I felt like I got my (husband’s) 😉 moneys worth.

this is completely savage of me (I’d just been baking for 4 hours is my excuse), but me and the lovely Livia!

Have you ever heard of LK before?

Rebecca x

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