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I love the Scandi look for home decor at the moment. When I see some images in that style pop up on my Instagram of Pinterest feed, I just kind of feel instantly calm. The style is cool, calm, and relaxing. It is light and fresh and quite different to how my home looks at the moment. Which is probably why I like it so much!

If you’re not sure how to create the ‘Scandi’ look, here are a few tips to help you.


Adding wood is a classic characteristic of the Scandinavian design. Whether that is the floors or furniture, like bookcases or coffee tables. Exposed wooden legs on chairs is a nod to the trend, as well as panel walls. It just oozes cosy!


The design is all about letting lots of light in. How man thick and heavy curtains do you see in Sweden and Denmark? Use mirrors to reflect the light around the room and have plenty of other lights in the room. Floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lamps are all great items to add.


The Scandi look is definitely a minimal one. You can’t have lots of clutter around. So organise things neatly with funky wall shelving or bookcases. Floating square shelves are a great look. Fill them with your belongings, but things like house plants are great too. Bring the outdoors inside is a good ida for this home trend.


The look is quite a simple one. That is why walls are quite often whitewashed. Then you can add accents of colour, if you don’t want to do the black and white thing. Think about bold shapes and angles. Triangles are shapes that feature a lot, so look for those on rugs, throws, ornaments, and cushions.

I have been thinking about ways that we can update our home with this look, particularly in the living room. I am a big fan of leather sofas and we have two dark brown ones at the moment. It would be nice to mix up the loo, though, with a lighter leather sofa. I am not as keen on the monochrome thing, but neutral decor with things like yellow and grey to accessorise.


Natuzzi Borghese Fishpools leather sofa

Here are some accessories I am loving, that would be fab for my dream Scandinavian inspired living room.


1.Tripod Floor Lamp // 2. Glass Lantern // 3. Home Print // 4. Patterned Rug // 5. Tealight Holder // 6. Storage Bag // 7. Cushions // 8. Grey Beige Laminate Flooring // 9. Grey Dining Chair // 10. Vase // 11. Coffee Table set  // 12. Mirror // 13. Oak Tall Shelving Unit

Is there anything here that takes your fancy? What do you think to the Scandi look?


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