Lockdown Comfort in Dare2b Activewear and Skiwear

A second lockdown, and a winter one at that, has been pretty miserable so far. I feel quite lucky that I am able to stay at home and do my work from here, alongside some kind of attempt to homeschool that is! As we are barely leaving the house, other than to go for a walk, my PT sessions, and to get groceries when there are no deliveries, sitting around at home in skinny jeans just seems like a waste! It is all about the stretchy waistband, am I right?

I have been living in activewear lately, and have been sent some amazing pieces from Dare2b to try out. They have an amazing range of activewear, as well as skiwear, so it is all about the comfort and keeping warm and cosy at the moment.

One of my favourite things about activewear is when there are long sleeves like this one. There is also a loop on the other side of the sleeve that you can’t see, where you can put your thumb through. I love this feature, as it helps to keep me warm and comfortable, especially if I’m going to head out for an early morning PT session (outdoors, for course) in the freezing temperatures that we have been experiencing.

As for keeping warm when we’re out and about on walks, ski jackets are a must. I got my first proper ski jacket when I headed off to university – I think it was my dad’s effort to help to keep me was warm as possible being away from home. I have had a few ever since as they are just so versatile, cosy, waterproof, and can look great too.

I have got a black ski jacket from Dare2b, with a ‘puff’ kind of look to it, with a faux-fur hood. I am all about faux-fur, as well as big hoods. Great for rainy days, as well as for going out skiing in (one day soon, hopefully)! The great thing about this hood is that it is detachable – if you’ve in extreme rain or snow, then you won’t want the faux-fur to get ruined; such a fab feature.

It has been hard to get outside when it is so cold, wet, and dark at 4pm! But I have been really making it a mission to get outside more because as cheesy as it sounds, it really does help me and my mental health (not to mention the benefit it has for the children too). My top tips are:

  • Plan it in your schedule. The children have different Zoom lessons at different times, as well as things that I have to get done for work, so our days do have to planned out exactly. If we leave it until we are all done, then it is dark. We’ve done some nighttime walks, but getting out in the daylight really helps, so planning our outside time in means that it will happen.
  • Wearing the right shoes for the occasion is a must (learnt the hard way)! When you’ve got the right shoes, which is pretty much wellie boots or snow boots right now (with lots of thick socks) then you’re ready for whatever you will face. And who doesn’t love splashing in the muddy puddles?
  • Layering up is another must. On the best kinds of winter days, when it is cold outside but still sunny, we quickly warm up when we are out and about and moving. So having the options of taking off layers really helps.
  • Keeping activewear on each day helps to me to do more exercise and move more! If I am already dressed for the occasion, then it is easier to take any opportunity to get moving or go for a quick run if a meeting is cancelled, for example. So that would probably be my top tip! And I’m all kitted out in my fab Dare2b purchases.

What have been your go-to pieces of clothing during lockdown? Have you been getting out and about as much as you can? It would be great to hear what you’ve been up, what you think to these, and how you’ve been getting on with a winter lockdown.

*this is a collaborative post, but all opinions are my own.

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