Loft Conversion or Extension? Which One is Better for Your Home

Sometimes, making a decision between extending your home or doing loft conversion can be an uphill task. But it is good to assess each of the options to know which one adds more value to your home and stays within your budget.

The nationwide building society report says that loft conversions that have a bedroom and bathroom gives a two-bedroomed house about 20% more value. But on the other hand, making an extension to your house allows you to add the value you want if there is more room.

With this in mind, let us analyze each of the options including how they are done, cost, and maximum space they can add.

Loft Conversions

If you are torn between loft conversion or extension, then you need to assess one at a time before making your decision. Loft conversion involves redesigning your attic area to create more space. If you have a high roof on a wide house, you can have a room or two with a bathroom. Other people convert their loft into a study or family relaxation room.

The first step is to get an architect to look at the loft and come up with a possible design. The Humphreysandsons architects have many years of experience in loft conversions and they can easily help you if you come from the UK. Otherwise, you can go for other qualified architects in your area to get similar help. Let them tell you how much space you will comfortably get from your loft and if it is possible to add an amenity like a bathroom.

Assessing the cost will help you decide between loft conversion or extension for your house. Hence, a local constructor should also come on board to make a quote. It’s best practice to compare two or three professionals to find the one with a fair price.

House Extension

The extension involves adding structures to expand your existing house. It is a sensitive affair, especially if your house is old and all you can think of is a modern design. However, professional architects can blend the two very well.

Before doing extensions, consider the materials you want to use, design, color, available space, and cost. If you have space and money, it is great to add two or more rooms, a toilet, and other amenities. After all, it is your opportunity to expand your house.

The extension can be quite involving, especially if there is breaking or merging of walls and a lot of other work involved. So, discuss the project scope in details with the architect to come up with a great design that is sturdy and blends well with the existing house.

Final Word

So, what do you go for between a loft conversion or extension? The choice depends on many things. If you do not have space, loft conversion is the way to go. Besides, it is less costly. On the other hand, a house extension is a great option if you want a lot of rooms and you have space. So, make the right decision today.

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