London: The Best Places For Street Art

Living so close to London I am a massive fan; it is one of my favourite cities. I have said before that the novelty of living so close still hasn’t really worn off. The history, the culture, the vibrancy are just some of the things that I love about the city. It is a place like no other. One thing that London also has is plenty of street art. I have noticed more and more since moving down to the south. But not tacky, graffiti by school kids, but proper art, simply painted on the street.

If this is the kind of thing that you like, then next time you’re in London, these are some of the best spots to see some street art.

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Brick Lane

If you’re after a vibrant and varied part of London, then Brick Lane (E1 6PU) the place to be. The area has been a host to many different communities, and they all put their stamp on the place. Pedley Street and Handley Street are some of the best areas of the lane to visit, as well as Chrisp Street which is a big up and coming area for street art. You could spend a while walking around that area if you wanted as there is so much to see!

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The South Bank

The South Bank is a fun area to be for music, food and drinks, as well as, of course, street art. So if you want to head to see some of the best street graffiti then the skate park area is the best spot. There are lots of stick murals in that area that crop up more and more from time to time. They are really fun to see and could easily be replicate yourself, using some paint markers like Molotow markers, for instance.

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Bethnal Green

If you are heading into the Bethnal Green area then make sure that you hit up the road in from Shoreditch from the east towards the west, as there are lots of different displays to see. There are several clumped together nearer to the Shoreditch end of the road, with some sporadic displays seen from various spots too. It is a pretty hip and fun area of London, so there is plenty more to see and do besides the street art. The Spitalfields market is a favourite of mine if particular.

Have you ever been to any of these places and spotted some street art? Make sure you look out for it next time you take a trip into London.

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