London Life: Could You Travel Abroad For The Cost of Your Commute?

When our friends swan off on fancy holidays, we’re often left thinking how much we’d love a break ourselves. Sometimes we are genuinely bewildered wondering how they can possibly afford to pay for flights and a swanky hotel without breaking the bank. Especially when they have the everyday costs of living and a commute.

We all know London living is extortionate, ranking in the top 10 of the world’s most expensive cities.

Rent is painfully expensive and it would astonish you how much you’d save if you cut out the commute for only for a few days. Each week you’re probably spending enough to go on a full-blown holiday abroad. If only it were that easy, you’re probably thinking.

Well, did you know it’s possible to trade a week of dull commuting for a week-long all inclusive holiday for the same price or less?

The question is: how far will your spending take you? Loveholidays have put together an interactive tub map to show just how much you could be spending (or saving) with your commute in London. The interactive tube map can be found here: if you fancy having a look for yourself and see some of the holiday destinations that could be enjoyed instead.

Residents of Barking can swap the commute to Barbican for a week on an all inclusive holiday on the beaches of Crete, for instance. Or switch a week on the tube from Clapham South to Canary Wharf for an all-inclusive holiday enjoying the beaches of Kos. Exchange the East India to Victoria journey for 7 nights in Malta with capital city Valletta showing off its rich heritage and sites as the European City of Culture for 2018 or Archway to Green Park for the sandy beaches and fresh seafood of The Algarve. Madness, right?

So, where could your rent and commuting fee take you next year?

  1. From Santorini to Mykonos to Crete to Rhodes, The Greek Islands have everything. The islands are the main characteristic of Greece’s morphology and an integral part of the country’s culture and tradition.
  2. Tenerife is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the World. It has a year round warm temperature and spectacular volcanic scenery as well as beaches, water sports and nightlife ensure its constant popularity.
  3. From the vibrant Gran Canaria to the beautiful Fuerteventura and the moon landscape of Lanzarote The Canary Islands are really diverse. Due to its location close to the African coast the weather is always fabulous.
  4. The Algarve is the beautiful southern coastline of Portugal. It is a region blessed with stunning beaches, picturesque fishing towns and a glorious climate, all of which combine to create the perfect holiday destination. The Algarve is wonderfully varied, able to appeal to a wide cross-section of tourists; there are pristine beaches for families, waterparks for teenagers, buzzing nightlife for young couples and historic towns for cultural tour.

Have you got any trips planned for the new year? if you haven’t, it could be worth looking at how much your commute could be costing you and cycling or walking instead. Just look at how surprising the savings and exchanges can be?

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