Love Live Music? Make Sure You Protect Your Hearing

Do you love going to gigs? Does the thought of going to a festival send your excitement levels into overdrive? Well, you are certainly not alone. Going to a music is one of life’s great pleasures, and while live music hasn’t been on the agenda for most of the last year, you can be sure it will be back again soon.

If you’re a frequent gig-goer, you might not have given much thought to how live music could affect your hearing. While you might feel invincible now as you dance and sing along to the music, your future self might not feel so care-free if you start experiencing hearing loss. Aside from listening to music, it’s important to protect your ears if you play music.  Loud instruments like the drums and guitar will require a level of hearing protection, but also playing something like a cello in an orchestra can be very loud too.  And if you’re a beginner and not sure what instrument to choose, this article discusses hearing protection and also what the best cellos for beginners are.

Make sure you protect your hearing now, and in the future, with these tips for enjoying live music safely.

Wear earplugs

Earplugs are a very simple and effective way of protecting your hearing at a gig. While they might not feel the coolest accessory, they’re virtually unnoticeable, and more people will be wearing them than you realise. You can get custom earplugs to ensure a more comfortable fit, helping you enjoy the music without having to worry about your hearing. Make earplugs a normal part of your gig attire so that you can keep enjoying live music for years to come.

One thing to consider is making sure that your ears are clean before using earplugs. You could use a site like Cleaner Ears, for example, otherwise, you could be blocking your brand new earplugs or pushing an excess of wax further into you ear.

Stand away from the speakers

While it’s fun to try as close to the front as possible, it’s not the best move for your hearing. Can you honestly say you enjoy getting pushed and shoved too? And not being able to go to the toilet when you want? 

Standing at a safe distance from the speakers can prevent your ears from ringing and keep your hearing in check. If you find that you have problems with your hearing the it could be worth looking at somewhere like Northern Spire Hearing Services. Plus, standing further back can give you more freedom too, so if you want to go to the bar or enjoy a toilet break, you can do so without worrying about making your way back to the front.

Take a break

While you don’t want to run the risk of missing your favourite song, a well-timed break can give some respite to your ears. Stepping outside for 10 minutes, getting a drink or moving to the back of the venue can give you the chance to give your ears a break and hopefully prevent the dreaded ringing you get at the end of the night.

Enjoy some time off between gigs

Going to gigs regularly can be an amazing way to spend your free time, but as with all of the best things in life – there can be too much of a good thing. A break between gigs (at least a day or more) can help your hearing recover and stop your ears from being exposed to loud music for too long. In the meantime, if you notice any signs of hearing loss,

Your health is important, it’s important to take care of it now to benefit later in life. Hearing loss can be devastating, so to avoid potential problems when you get older, take a healthy approach to gigs and festivals by taking steps to protect your hearing.

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  • If you are in the mood it’s well worth playing around with your speaker placement. In my experience even budget speakers can produce some unusual and mind blowing results when placed in the certain positions.

  • Hello
    If you are a musician and find yourself standing too close to speakers, it can be an issue. That is likely to be one of the reasons why so many people have problems hearing. It’s a common problem for musicians as well as other performers who need to perform in front of a crowd. You should stand further back from the speakers so that you can hear better and still have enough space between you and the speaker to move around without bumping into them.