Luxury Suitcases with Bags of Character

Luxury luggage can be an excellent thing to invest in, especially if you find a good deal. It is designed to last a lifetime, making every trip you make easier and more practical, and saving you money in the long run. It is also designed to give you the great travel look that you want, so you can feel like a celebrity wherever your adventures take you!

Match Your Style

Because high end luggage is such an investment, you want to choose a style that really reflects your taste and personality. While for some people investing in classic looking luggage is a good option, as it will go with every outfit and will stand the test of time fashion wise, for others, spending a lot of money on something so understated can seem like a missed opportunity to flaunt their personal style! If you fall into the latter category and want luggage that is bold and eye catching as well as well made and long lasting, then a great brand to look at is Lulu Guinness.


Unmistakable Looks

Lulu Guinness is a very well known and highly acclaimed designer, with her bags particularly sought after.  With a quirky, retro inspired design aesthetic with a pop art feel, Lulu Guinness’ luggage ranges are just as iconic as her handbags, and can really make you stand out at the airport or on the road! Usually featuring bold colours like lipstick red, Barbie pink and gold, as well as the trademark Lulu Guinness lipstick motif, these suitcases are impossible to miss, and everyone who sees them will know that you are making a real style statement that is fun, young, and glamorous at the same time. Check out the gorgeous polished hard luggage by Lulu Guinness available at great prices at to see some of the fantastic styles available.

Practicality in Style

Of course, the interesting and daring designs of the Lulu Guinness luggage range are not the only thing that makes them a great purchase. Designed to be flexible and resilient, they can protect your belongings on all of your trips, whether you choose the larger designs that would need to be checked on a plane or the smaller hard cabin luggage flight cases. Compared with other ultra high end suitcases, designer luggage by Lulu Guinness is quite affordable, but still gives you the build quality and reliability you would expect from a big designer name.

While the quirky, outrageous style Lulu Guinness cases shows off is not to everybody’s taste, if you want your investment in luggage to also get you something fun and unique that you can flaunt when you travel, then this really is a brand to check out. Of course, the cases come in a range of sizes, making it possible to create a matching luggage set if you are not one for travelling light, and you can also mix and match designs in different colours like red and black to get an even more daring look!

Do you have any holidays planned? Would you consider a Lulu Guinness case?



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