How to Make Your Home More Modern

As families change and grow, the the home unfortunately doesn’t grow alongside it. Homes can become outdated over time or just lack space. You might consider moving house but is it needed when you are close to schools or nurseries that your children are happy in? If moving isn’t an option (let’s face it, unless completely necessary, it is a lot of hassle), then the only other options are to renovate or redecorate. Here are few tips and tricks to help you to modernise your home and bring it up to date.


With growing families, space can be at a premium because of having all that a family needs to have. So thinking about some modern storage ideas is a must. Think about your kitchen cabinets or wardrobe doors. Are they using all of the possible available space? There are inserts that you can get to put in drawers or wardrobes to help use up more of the space, by dividing the space up.

You could also install sliding doors on wardrobes or units. This could mean that you are able to move certain pieces of furniture around, as you don’t need to leave a certain radius around it to be able to open the doors to it. You on’t even need to get brand new wardrobes or units because there are kits available, like these ones from Barrier Components, that you just install yourself, et voila.


Updates to the Kitchen

If you have some extra money for it, a complete kitchen renovation is one major way to update your home and modernise it. The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home so all family members are likely to be in there a lot! It will make the rest of the home feel instantly more modern too. If you don’t have the cash for a complete remodel, there are several other changes that you can make in your kitchen to modernise it.

  • If cabinets are old, you can either replace just the cabinet doors or up-cycle them. Just by replacing or repainting them, can give your kitchen a whole new feel.
  • If you have some space then perhaps get an island for the kitchen. They are great and I wish I had the space for one! They provide more worktop space but you could also turn it into a breakfast bar with more seating for your family.
  • The floor can make a huge difference in the kitchen. It can make it feel much larger and open.
  • If your appliances are outdated, you could replace them with new appliances. It will make the kitchen look very different and a lot more modern if you have all the latest gadgets.



Lighting can affect the mood and look of a room so much. In our bedroom, we had a bulb that was quite low wattage and by just replacing it for a better bulb meant such a change in brightness for the room. I actually want to be in there more often as I can see to do things! Getting a few new light fittings will update rooms, even just change the bulbs! Lamps are a great addition to any room too. A funky, modern floor lamp, will add an instant update.

Do you have any plans to redecorate this year? I’d love to hear what you have planned.




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