Five Ideas On How To Make The Most Of a Small Bedroom

Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean it has to be overcrowded and messy; if you make use of it, you’d be surprised by the comfort and space you could have. In order to do this, you will need to rearrange your furniture and organize everything. So consider our five top tips for how to make the most of a small bedroom.


Remove Clutter

The more items you have in your bedroom, then the more cramped it will feel. Look around your bedroom, can you see the floor? If not, then you have far too much furniture and belongings. Considering moving items to another room and remove bulk items from bedside tables and dressers, along with ornaments if necessary. When you spend time in your room you want to feel calm and relaxed, but with lots of clutter this is almost impossible.

Storage Beds

Storage beds make a huge difference to an over-cramped small bedroom. They are the best option when you’re short on space as they provide you with so much more extra space. Storage beds are a savvy solution that combines drawers, boxes and sometimes even shoe racks. As an example, take a look at Divan Beds Centre and choose between storage drawers or an Ottoman-style bed that lifts up, letting you put your belonging inside.

Use every bit of space with a bespoke design

Fitted furniture is the best way to make the most of what little storage space you have. This means your furniture will be made to fit and will be tucked away nicely and neatly. If you are on a tight budget and/or a DIY-er, you could even try making your own bespoke furniture.

Choose your colours wisely

Dark colours in a small room is a no-go, as it will make your bedroom feel like a cave. But if you like dark colours then use them to accessorise things like pillows, throws, rugs and bed linen. Use light colours for the wall and/or ceiling (take a look at this article by The Spruce to on how to chose the right colour for you bedroom) so that it opens the space up visually. Bring in as many natural lights as possible as well.

Add a reading nook

People seem to think that if you have a small bedroom you can only sleep and get changed in them, but that isn’t true. Adding a small chair and a lamp to your bedroom straight away creates a reading nook. Having areas like this in your room will make you want to spend more time in there and it creates a very relaxing space for you to unwind after a hard day. Take a look at Pinterest for some reading nook inspiration.

Arranging a small bedroom can be really stressful so if you aren’t sure exactly where you want everything to go then grab a pen and paper and sketch out your room layout. This will be very helpful and you’ll be able to see your visuals before you put them all into action. Try out these ideas and see how your room will be instantly transformed.

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