Quarantine Crafting: MakeBox + Co. Review

With the UK lockdown just been extended for another three weeks, at the least, I imagine, I must say that there are only so many things that I can watch on Netflix, and only so many things I can bake, before I clear the shelves of Asda bare of flour! With less to do, spare time, especially at the weekends when we aren’t homeschooling and working, is filled with DIY, movies, and baking, with some exercise thrown in.

I have had more time to read which is amazing, as well as making time to blog more. One thing that I used to do a lot of, is crafting and being creative. I think post-children, I really just didn’t have the time, and I used up all of my supplies over time, which never got replenished. So even if I wanted to craft a little, I wouldn’t have anything to make with. So I have been really pleased to try out one of the boxes from MakeBox+Co. who have a range of craft boxes to choose from, all sent to your door.

You can choose a subscription for the boxes, to get something sent each month, which could be great for keen crafters, or for a time like this where you have a little time to yourself. You can swap the boxes each time, and pause your subscription, so I like that there is some flexibility. You can buy one-off boxes though for yourself, or they could work really well for a gift – I can definitely see my sister loving something like this!

What I really liked is that every single thing is sent to you. You don’t need to have any specific supplies in to create something amazing, which is the kind of crafting that I need in my life.

Each box contains simple step-by-step photographic instructions, supporting video content online if requires, and the exact materials you need to get you started and creating something amazing. The box came with designs from “heart hands” to “love birds”, as well as floral motifs and monograms to inspire. The box is inspired by tattoo illustration and love, and the idea behind the box is to teach you the basics of traditional art. It came with a box frame, along with the paper, card, templates, blades, cutting mat, and so on. Mine had extra too, so I can make cards and pictures, as well as the frame that I made. Although I like to make things and create, it is helpful to have some ideas, which is what you get with this too. That definitely helps.

I found this really relaxing, calming, and great to create something just for me. It gave me a little boost which can feel good, and I have been pleased to replenish my craft stores somewhat. I will now have to finish off with my box, and make the cards that came along with it.

The cost of the boxes does vary, but the Love Paper Box that I was sent, that was the February box, costs £24.99. I think that you get a good deal for what you get, as the box is full of things to use, and things like the cutting board can be used again and again. You can make several things using the kit too, so I do think that you get your money’s worth, and it is the kind of price that you’d probably spend on a gift.

To save some money though, if you use the code MAKERES2020 you can get 10% off any products in their store.

Have you heard of MakeBox+Co. before? Would it be something that you’d like to try? It would be great to hear what you think.

*the box was gifted to me in exchange for review. All opinions are my own.

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