Making A Patio Dining Area In 3 Steps

The patio is probably the most versatile area of the home bar none. It’s large, expansive, able to be used and abused, unlike inside the home. You can’t be as rough and animated in your dining room as you can in your patio dining area. For one thing, you can move the seating however you wish, able to sit back far from the table and give yourself plenty of legroom. The dining area is also not as much of a hassle to clean up. Dropping food on the floor won’t be the same eye-watering experience as your precious area rug won’t be damaged. Let’s look at how you can make your own dining area on your patio, in just 3 steps.

The right table

Firstly, you need to have the right table. We don’t recommend glass as it’s too frail for the outside. Unless, if you live in a hotter climate where there aren’t as many daily gusts of wind, then it’s okay. However, glass is not as solid wood. It will also be a pain to clean, once it has rained. You can’t leave it outdoors all the time, especially when there are hailstones or when it’s snowing. It might crack under the colder temperatures as it cannot flex as much as wood. But, you need a gloss finish on your table, so the rainwater runs off the surface. check out these white gloss dining tables that are made out of solid wood and have a layer of high gloss paint. White is also good for reflecting sun rays so the surface won’t be as hot to the touch in the summer.

Parisian seating

Paris is known for its patio dining style. It is probably the most famous of all patio styles, because of its balcony and patio seating. The Parisian black rose patio chairs are by far the most popular in Europe. They are very lightweight, dainty, and they are one of the last few items in the French interior design that originates from Baroque. The best part is, the chars are made out of iron. They are painted black and they have floral designs worked into the back support and the seat itself. These kinds of chairs are incredibly popular because they won’t be blown around by the wind and they stack up very neatly.

The best location

Your patio might be limited in space but if you select the best location, you may wish to make more space. For example, if your patio is a little exposed i.e. not as private as you’d like, try to select somewhere where you do have privacy. It may be down one end of the garden, away from the home. But if you can enjoy a better view, be better protected from winds and have more privacy, why not choose that area instead?

A patio dining area is a part of your home you wish you were never without. It gives you al fresco dining and there’s nothing like a breakfast meal in the hot summer sun, outdoors listening to the birds singing. 

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