Making Sustainable Fabric Choices

The demand for eco-friendly design, decor and home interiors is only going to get bigger and bigger. The demand for sustainable furniture has increased, and as such, the textile industry has needed to be able to adapt. For modern textiles to be produced, the use of chemicals that can pollute and harm aquatic life is being eliminated. As well as this, a lot of attention is being paid to environmentally-friendly ways to get the raw materials that are needed for textiles.

With a mixture of creative ways to get fabrics, as well as there being more of a focus on using traditional materials, modern interior design can be more sustainable than ever. You can find sustainable fabrics online, as well as in stores all across the country, such as in an upholstery fabric shop in Yorkshire. So with all of that in mins, here is an overview of some of the most popular fabrics that are sustainable, and what you could be using them for.

Organic Cotton

Anyone who has been looking into home and design, as well as fabrics for clothing, will have used and relied on using cotton. It is such a popular natural fibre, and anything from curtains to sheets can be made from it. However, the whole process of getting cotton can actually be quite harmful to the environment; a lot of water is used, as well as a number of chemicals. The good news is that there are alternative choices. Choosing organic cotton can make a difference, as sustainable organic cotton is made free of pollutants, as well as furniture that uses it being made under correct and socially acceptable conditions.

Vegetarian Silk

Silk is a beautiful material, and can be used for luxury bedding, as well as cloths and clothing. But did you know that traditional silk is not animal-friendly, and as such, can’t be classed as sustainable? Silk is taken from cocoons of caterpillars. In order to get this, it can be harmful to caterpillars. You can get organic silk, which means that there are no pesticides on the caterpillars. However, this still means that ultimately, they are killed.

Vegetarian silk is created in a similar way, but the extraction is different. It means that the cocoons break up naturally as the butterfly emerges, which means no early death of caterpillars. This can mean that each piece will be completely different, but it is a much more sustainable option.


Hemp is a great choice for sustainable fabrics, and it is one of the oldest substances in the world. These days, it has long grown out of just being used by ‘tree huggers’ and is a popular choice with many, especially those looking for sustainable choices. It can be used as an alternative to linen, and can be used for furniture, home decor, and clothing alike.

This is just the start, so the good news is that there are are a number of natural choices and innovative fabrics to choose from that are sustainable. This will make it much easier to find the perfect material to use in your home decor and upholstering projects, as well as for making clothing. When you choose good quality materials, they will last longer, and they will also be better for the world around them. So when you’re next looking out for material to upholster a chair with or to make curtains or a dress with, think about where the material is coming from, how it is made, and how sustainable of a choice it is.

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