A Mama-To-Be’s Guide To Pregnancy & Health Problems

For a lot of women, getting pregnant is a lifelong dream. Being able to carry a child and bring them safely into the world is, without a doubt, a miracle. Although being able to get pregnant is a blessing – there are millions of women across the world that struggle to conceive – it doesn’t mean that every mama-to-be enjoys pregnancy. While some women breeze through pregnancy without a care in the world, other women find themselves struggling to lead normal lives because of the associated health problems that come with pregnancy, as well as the extreme fatigue, of course. The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to manage the most common pregnancy health problems, so don’t suffer in silence, find ways to fix the problems that you’re having.


Heartburn and Indigestion

Heartburn and indigestion are both common problems during pregnancy, and they’re a total nightmare. However, the fact is that these problems are triggered by certain foods and activities, such as drinking fizzy drinks, eating fatty foods or lying down too soon after eating. So if you are mindful of what you’re putting into your body and what you’re doing in terms of physical activity, you can reduce your chances of developing heartburn or indigestion. For relieving the associated symptoms, natural treatments include drinking milk or eating plain yogurt. Or, if these don’t work, you can always use some over-the-counter antacids, just make sure that they are safe for using during pregnancy.

Bladder Infections

Another common health problem that pregnant mamas-to-be tend to be prone to is bladder infections. This is linked to the fact that when you’re pregnant, you have to pass water more than you normally would due to pressure from the baby. It’s important that if you feel stinging or burning when going to the toilet that you get checked by your doctor for a bladder infection to prevent complications from occurring. As well as using antibiotics to treat a bladder infection, there’s a lot of research that suggests that natural treatments can also be effective – you can read the full article here to learn more about alternative therapies for bladder infections. To prevent infections in the first place, drinking plenty of water is a must, at least two liters a day. It’s also important to eat lots of healthy, wholesome foods and steer clear of junk foods as processed sugar can make bladder infections more likely.

Back pain

Back pain is often a problem during pregnancy as the ligaments become softer which makes back pain more likely to occur, especially as you are carrying more weight than usual which can alter your posture. Although there’s nothing that you can do to prevent back pain, there are ways to relieve it. Having a relaxing bubble bath can help, as can practicing Pilates, using heat and ice therapy, taking painkillers, and having a massage. Back pain is just another part of pregnancy, but that doesn’t mean that you have to suffer in silence as there are plenty of ways to manage the pain.

The fact is that pregnancy can be rough at times, especially as you’re more prone to a range of health problems. However, the good news is that there are plenty of ways you can help to alleviate these problems, or at least, manage them effectively.

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