Tips for Managing Muscular Aches & Pains

I’m certainly not old (not just yet, anyway!) but that doesn’t mean I don’t get aches and pains now and then. As you get a bit older, you realise that it gets a bit harder to do things without your body protesting about it. Even many young people can find that they get pain in different areas of their body, for whatever reason. If you deal with back pain, aching knees, or any other pains, I have some tips that could help you out. You can’t always get rid of aches and pains entirely, but you can manage them. Check out my best advice for managing soreness and feeling your best.

  • Stay Fit and Healthy

One of the best ways to keep aches and pains at bay is to stay healthy. If you’re not very active, you’ll feel it more when you do get physical. Sticking to a healthy routine will help you to avoid any niggles from your bones and muscles. Try to exercise regularly and lead a healthy lifestyle, no matter your age. If you keep up your fitness when you’re younger, you can find it easier to stay fit as you age. If you’re not currently particularly active, start gently to get fitter. You can go on some walks or take a bike ride to ease yourself into doing more physical activity.


  • Watch Out for Work-related Injuries

As you get older, you can start to notice the strain that work takes on you. Stress can give you headaches, and hours at a computer can contribute too. Many people find that they get repetitive strain injuries from their jobs. If you perform the same action over and over again at work, it could cause aches and pains. Using a keyboard can increase your chances of having carpal tunnel syndrome. You should try to find solutions for these issues to help you. Dealing with stress can help stop migraines. Taking time away from your computer can reduce headaches and the risk of RSI.

  • Use Medication

Sometimes the best way to deal with a pain is to take something to soothe it. You can’t always make something go away entirely. For example, if you have arthritis, you can’t get rid of it. Many people find that a simple over the counter painkiller is enough to help them with their pain. Others need to see a doctor to receive a prescription for something stronger. There are other ways to deal with some pains too. For example, a lot of people do stretches to help them with their back pain.

  • See a Physiotherapist

If you want to see a professional about any aches and pains, a physiotherapist may be the best choice. At Bodyworks Edinburgh and other clinics, you can have a physio work with you to address your problems. They can help you correct your posture or give you exercise therapy. Providing you with the information and advice you need is one of the most valuable things they can do. You can learn to look after yourself and deal with pain appropriately.

Everyone has to deal with aches and pains at some point, but you can learn to avoid them and treat them. Use these methods to minimize the ones you experience.

Rebecca x

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