The Many Uses of a Diamond

Diamonds are most commonly known to be a girl’s best friend but did you know that they have many other uses other than being made into jewelry?

Synthetic diamonds are the most wanted material in the world making them the ‘ultimate super material’ as pointed out by Element Six in their latest eBook, ‘Ultimate Super Material: The Diversity of Diamonds,’ downloadable here.

They can be used in car manufacture, health care, Aerospace and much more. Their benefits include enabling operations to be performed in much shorter times, they can be used to manufacture electronics such as computers and speakers, and they can be used to cut through different materials at a much faster time.

For more information on the different uses of synthetic diamonds then continue reading for 3 examples.


In order for our homes to withstand extreme weather conditions, they need to be made from strong materials. So, tools are made from synthetic diamonds in order to cut through the hard materials. One example of a material that will have been cut by a synthetic tool is granite. Granite is specifically popular when being used to make kitchen work surfaces.


Synthetic diamonds will be used in the future of healthcare. The reason being that is that they will replace traditional surgery by creating laser beams in order to perform non-invasive surgery so no skin is broken. This is beneficial as this means surgery will be done in a much shorter time.


Synthetic diamonds have good thermal conductivity so they are used in devices in order to help lower the temperature. This is because devices can fail if they are overheated so thermal management has become a real concern. This is why synthetic diamonds are being used in order to lower device temperatures which will help improve their performance.

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