Marketing a Business in 2020

Both digital and offline marketing have a role to play in marketing your business. If you understand your customer demographic, you may also find offline channels that will lead customers to your business. A well-designed brochure delivered with the local free press, for example, can be the seed that develops into a new customer. 

Even though offline marketing is a more traditional approach, that doesn’t mean to say that it can’t be creative and innovative. Below are 7 offline marketing ideas:

1. Business cards: In the modern age, fewer people are relying on business cards. They assume that, because they have an online presence, a business card is superfluous. This couldn’t be more wrong. People remember you because of what’s on your business card. This includes details like your website URL. Get business cards made, and start handing them out wherever you go!

2. Create flyers: Pamphlets and flyers still provide a crucial role within offline marketing, but memorable flyers can be tough to design. Like any advertisement, the presentation is important; the importance is doubled for pamphlets. First impressions can make or break its effectiveness. Make sure you leave them in places where they’ll be seen, places that your customers might go. 

3. Leave Branded Items at Key Locations: Ever seen a business name on the side of a pen? Or an umbrella? How about a coffee cup? This is one of the most traditional offline marketing ideas but done the right way, it’s incredibly effective advertisements. Make  sure that along with a fantastic logo, you have ways potential customers can find you as well as a line that describes what it is your business offers.

4. Seasonal Cards & Gifts: For those business owners who like to send out seasonal cards, gifts or hampers, why not take this one step further by using personalised ribbon? Seasonal cards can build a lot of rapport between the giver and receiver. People love to give them, and they love to receive them. Consider how surprised they’ll be when they open their mail to find a card or some spring flowers enveloped in printed ribbon from your business. A ribbon supplier can provide you with personalised products for every season or occasion.

5. Community engagement: How much are you involved in your community? Community engagement is a choice for an individual but for a business it’s a crucial part of your marketing campaign. People love to support local businesses. It’s become the “thing” to do these days. If you can properly engage with your community, your customers will be skyrocketing.

6. Boost your staff: When was the last time you looked at how your staff interact with customers and the impression they give? There’s no better way to give a great impression than well-presented, personable staff that can effectively solve the problems your customers face.

7. Open evening: Organizing a doors open day or a guided company tour can be a great way to enhance your company’s image and to create buzz around it. The aim of an open day is not only to tell the story behind your products but also to listen to the public opinion.

Offline channels should play a vital role within your marketing mix. Coupled with digital marketing, tangible marketing efforts such as the ones aforementioned can be incredibly effective at building brand awareness and customer loyalty.

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