Matching Socks for the Whole Family. A Good Idea?

Usually family members are those with whom we have the closest relationships. Even though you might fight, ultimately, they are the people who will be with you through many of life’s adventures.

Spending time with everyone together isn’t always easy once the children become adults with careers. Other ways to show the important bond you share that don’t include being together all the time must be found.

Any family can make or buy matching shirts, but how often will everyone really wear them? It might be more fun and creative to give everyone a matching pair of whimsical socks.

Patterned and printed promotional socks socks are trending right now, so this could be the way to get everyone on board. Matching prints and color schemes could bring everyone together in a way no one would ever expect.

But is it worth it? Will you be able to get everyone on board? It is time to decide whether matching socks for the family are worth it or not.

They Make for Fun Family Photos…

When families gather for some occasion or other, some enjoy taking posed family photos to hang on their walls. This is a sweet way to get everyone together and create a memory that you can have forever.

Spice up those pictures with matching socks on everyone’s feet! These will make an awesome point of conversation for anyone who sees them.

You can also find clothing that matches at places like thrift stores and one-stop shops, as the All About U blog suggests. Find bright colored socks and outfits that compliment them to help everyone to look unified.

Have the photographer take pictures while everybody has their shoes off to highlight the design on the matching socks.

… But May Cause Arguments Over Which Ones to Choose

Picking out the socks could, unfortunately, cause some issues. Everybody has different tastes and styles so it might be hard to agree on what to wear.

The girls might want a floral print while the guys might like a solid bright color, or even performance socks. If a mom chooses for everyone, there’s a good chance not everyone will like them.

Younger kids might argue about putting the socks on their feet. If that’s not what they feel like wearing that day, they might decide to throw a fit.

Rather than a fun family bonding idea, this could easily turn into a cause of turmoil. There is no way to tell what everyone’s mood might be that day, so picking out matching socks for everyone could be tough.

They Can Make the Perfect Gifts…

To avoid an argument about which socks to choose, they could simply be given as a gift! Christmas might be the perfect time to stuff everyone’s stockings with a pair of matching socks.

Birthdays could also work, but you couldn’t necessarily give everyone their matching pair at the same time. No Cold Feet can help you create the perfect label for the matching socks that you can give for any occasion.

Surprise everyone with their own pair of socks. Countdown from three and let everyone tear into the gift at the same time to see their reactions.

Everybody needs socks! Even if you don’t want to take family pictures with them, they are useful for daily living.

Keep everyone’s feet warm in style and have a good laugh when you wear your matching pair on the same day.

… Until Somebody Loses Their Pair.

It’s all fun and games until the laundry somehow eats someone’s socks. The family fun will eventually come to an end when one sock disappears and ruins the matching pair forever.

Socks are one of the easiest clothing items to lose. They also tend to get holes or rip. Once one person loses one sock or gets a hole in one, the excitement will lessen.

It might be difficult to keep everyone’s socks in perfect condition, so they might not be the perfect way to bring the family some laughs.

Maybe hats, shirts, or another accessory could really be the way to go. Socks aren’t always durable and might not survive over the long haul. On the other hand, over time, the size of your family members will likely change.  Children grow; adults get fatter or thinner. Socks adjust to these vagaries better than many other garments.

There Are So Many Styles to Choose From…

There are many different styles of socks from which to choose fom, some longer-lasting than others.

If you take the time to choose a matching pair of socks for everyone, make sure the ones you select are going to last a while. Paying a little extra for durable socks could keep the excitement alive longer.

Consider a pair of warm, fuzzy socks for use during the cold months. There is also the taller crew sock option to cover more skin with the fun pattern.

If everyone prefers shorter ankle socks, that could be the way to go, too! As long as everyone is wearing the same matching pattern, you can even give each family member their desired style of sock.

Don’t let disagreement stop you from having a little fun with your family’s fashion choices.

And There Are So Many Ways to Have Fun!

Patterned, funky, and bright socks are a popular fashion choice right now because they can easily be concealed during work and revealed to make people laugh.

A whole family in matching, awesome socks will increase the laughter and memories that are made. Knowing you each have the same socks could easily strengthen the family bond when lounging around the house for a day of movies or sending pictures to each other when far apart.

Something as small as socks could bring together a family in a way that you never expected. You can post pictures on social media revealing your ‘family’ socks to show just how close you all are and maybe inspire others to hop on the fun sock bandwagon!

There is little risk in trying something new, especially when it is only to give the family matching pairs of socks. If someone doesn’t like the idea, you can at least know you tried!

Matching socks are a great idea for families who are close or are looking for a way to get a little closer. Show off how much fun your family has by flaunting the cool socks you give to everyone.

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