Max at Five & a Star Wars Party

If you have seen me on social media over the weekend, you will have seen that Max turned five! Eek, I can’t believe it I have a five year old. I can still remember going to the hospital for a midwife appointment (I was three days over due) and then I didn’t leave until three days later, after an emergency caesarian section, like it was yesterday. It is so crazy to me how fast five years can fly. When I was a teenager, five years would seem to drag like anything!

We have a massive Star Wars fan on our hands and he was desperate for a big party. We’ve celebrated each year, of course, but nothing ‘big’. So for five I think it was time. We went with the Star Wars theme at Max’s request. Thank goodness for Pinterest, though! I found so many cute ideas on there.

The Food

The party was set at a time when a full meal wouldn’t have been expected. So I just decided to have some drinks on and a few nibbles. Breadsticks and grapes on pop sticks were ‘lightsabers’ and I had many parents comment that they liked how easy to grab they were. Then there were ‘Wookie Cookies’ (bear shaped biscuits), and ‘Hans Rolos’ (Rolos, of course). Stormtroopers were large American sized marshmallows, with faces drawn on using an edible ink pen. We had ‘Padawan Popcorn’ bagged up n black and white stripes bags, and that was really popular.

What We Did

You can’t go too far wrong with five year olds and a bouncy castle! I found a Star Wars one that was fairly local and took the blue and black theme for the party from them. We had a few games with one of Max’s uncles and then we had an entertainer come for the last hour, dressed up as Rey. I loved that the games were Star Wars themed and it got all of the children involved.

It was a busy day but I secretly love planning a party. I’m not sure that he will be having a ‘big’ party every year, though! I did try to keep the costs down by choosing colours for the decorations, rather than specifically Star Wars. Some blue and black balloons hardly cost anything, for example. But if you got specific Star Wars ones the price went right up. So I’d pass that on as a piece of advice – choose a colour scheme that goes with the theme, rather than having everything being the specific theme.

Max is in his first term at school and he is thriving. I knew he would enjoy school but he seems to be going from strength to strength. He has had his Christmas card design entered into a local competition, as well as joined the school’s eco team. Just doing so well and I’m so proud of him. I know he will go on to achieve great things. Max enjoys going to school each day and plays with a variety of people. It is a pretty small village school and everyone has been lovely that I’ve met.

Max you are a cherub and haven’t been a moments bother since you were born. You’re funny, smart and kind. The best big brother and son ever. I love being your mum!


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