Max is 4!

If you follow me on social media, you will have seen that a couple of days ago, my first born turned 4. I was literally beside myself! I couldn’t believe how fast four years has gone. I know it’s not like it was ages ago or anything but I vividly remember his birth. Brining him home from the hospital. His first steps. First words. I guess I will always remember those things.

I love the little guy that he is growing into. He is so smart and loves puzzles. He does them without even looking at the box or picture, figuring out how they work because of the shapes of the pieces. That must be from his dad as it certainly isn’t from me!

Max is so funny, and yes, can be very cheeky. He knows just how to wind his sister up and it is so thought out. He knows just what will annoy her. Siblings hey? He can be very witty too – I am loving his sense of humour. The stuff he remembers and comes out with is hilarious. Comedic timing already!

He is tall, strong and handsome and likes to be really independent. Loves to choose his own clothes to wear and get himself dressed. He’s even been trying to style his hair…! Let’s just say I have to have a little ‘mummy check’ afterwards 😉

DSC_1027 (800x581)

I know babies all come with their own personalities but he is definitely a little introvert, like me. He does love to be with his friends but has a hard time in larger groups. I think it is so important that he recognises it though and he totally does. On days where he is at preschool all day, I’m so excited to see him and hear all about his day. He has often said to me ‘mummy, please stop talking, I need peace and quiet’. It cracks me up but he recognises in himself that he does need that downtime after ‘socialising’ all day. Love my little pickle.

DSC_0037 (800x718)

DSC_0032 (800x615)

DSC_0034 (800x480)

We celebrated mostly at the weekend with some family time and his request of birthday doughnuts. He is yet to have a party (mean mummy) but I think that will happen when he is at school and has several ‘proper’ friends. Do you do birthday parties for your kids when they’re young?

We had a meal out on his actual birthday but he was at preschool most of the day. He came out of nursery saying he was tired. ‘It is so tiring being four’. Honestly, such a crack up! Then we facetimed family and played with his presents that he opened that morning (I’m a little LEGO obsessed – love making the little cars that he got. Must learn to not takeover…)! We will see more family at the weekend, so the celebrations continue! Alright for some.

Happy 4th Birthday Max! Love you so much!

Rebecca x

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  • Self obsessed people blogging nonsense about their lives…. what a load of rubbish waffle…. less time blogging more time making your child’s birthday special…. 2 mins of my life I’ll never get back

      • Clicked on to see if you were as self obsessed as other bloggers and yes it confirmed my opinion… a load of old rubbish. A bit like your facebook post a while ago about how many presents you buy your kids for Christmas…. 4 wasn’t it… something to read something they need something to wear and something to play with….. tight much…..

  • That may just be THE BEST birthday cake I have ever laid eyes on…mine is next weekend…may just leave some hints about for that one! My little baby boy is 4, too. Real little person, now. It is mind blowing! #coolmumclub