Max turned 1…

Where has my baby gone? Max had his first birthday last weekend – I know its the cliché thing to say, but time really does fly! He is getting lots of teeth now and growing tall, he’ll be in 18 month clothes before I know it. He chats away and the noises are actually sounding like words now, he says the odd thing like daddy, ma-ma and car. Typical.

We started the day with opening some presents…. Note to self, for future one year olds, just wrap  up something they already have. He really was more interested in the wrapping.

My parents came to visit and my brother and sister in law came down from London to spend the day with us. We went to Godstone farm as I had heard good reviews about it and they have a soft play area, as well as the animals, which was a bonus as it was freezing cold!

We came home and had birthday cake which got demolished super fast. So glad I basically spent a day making a cake. Hopefully Max will look back on pictures of it when he’s older and thank me haha.

We went to visit the hubs family on the Sunday so Max got another cake – lucky boy! He loved crawling around with his Uncles.

I do miss my little Maxibon being so little (and staying where you put him) but I am excited for him growing up and love getting to know his happy, friendly and good natured personality. We love you Max!

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