Max Turns 3!

Still can’t quite get over the fact that yesterday my first born turned three years old! It feels like really not so long ago that I held him for the first time in my arms. I can vividly remember him moving around and kicking when I was pregnant with him too. How time really does fly.

Max is changing, growing and learning so much. He has such a sweet and gentle nature and is so kind to others, especially his baby sister. He is never the one that takes toys off someone when another child is playing with them. Though he won’t start a pushing around ‘fight’ with other kids, he has learnt to fight back a bit more now – I’m not sure if that is a good thing or not!

He really takes things on board and remembers things. Quite often there may be something I have mentioned once, or that he heard once, but he will then recite it or sing it – baffles me. I am also learning the importance of being aware of what I say around him. I don’t swear so I’m not meaning anything like that, but just random sentences I apparently say a lot as I can totally hear myself when he says them. It’s quite funny.

Max is so cheeky (what toddler isn’t). When I use the ‘counting to 3’ thing to get him to behave or do something, if he is really wound up he will just turn around to me and say 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10! Such a cheeky little monkey – I can’t stop giggling sometimes though *ooops*

He is very funny too and really cracks me up with some of the things he comes out with – he is a joy to be around. I haven’t ever felt like he is ‘hard work’ (so probably means he’ll be a nightmare teen) and I really love being his mummy. Its the best job in the world!

out for Max’s birthday lunch
Cheeky Five Guys
The Birthday Boy
Rocking his new scarf
oh, gorgeous one!

I am so thankful for all I have learnt so far by being a parent and I am particularly thankful that I have this happy and healthy, beautiful boy, to learn and grow with. I’m thankful to be a mummy!

Super Busy Mum

Rebecca x

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