How to Maximise the Space Within a Smaller Living Area

Designing your living room can be a challenge, especially when you have a small room to work with, but with the right furniture and décor features you can really make it work. With so many inspirational sources to refer to, such as Pinterest and Instagram, you can find your perfect décor style to suit you and your home. From family entertaining to small gatherings with friends, this post will help you maximise the space within your smaller living room and learn to enjoy the space you have properly.

The Strongest Elements

When it comes to your home, there are three main elements that are the strongest, therefore having the largest impact on the overall look and feel of the room. These elements include your furniture, the colour and the lighting balance. Once you have these elements right and suited to your living room, you’ll notice the rest of the décor will start to fall into place.

It’s important to be very clear on the size of your living room when you start to shop around for furniture pieces or looking to install a designer radiator. If you begin to add random pieces that are either far too small or far too big, your living room will look unbalanced and uninviting. You want to have a selection of furniture pieces that are going to complement the size of your living room, and help to enhance the space, rather than cramp it, just like many of the pieces available here. Be sure to have your living room measurements on hand at all times when browsing shops for potential furniture, as this will really help you to gain a better image of what the pieces will look like in your home.

The colour of your living room is extremely important, as not only does it create the atmosphere that you want, but it also has an affect on the feel of the room. You often find that darker, dull rooms can feel smaller and dingier, whereas a room with brighter colours can feel open and spacious. Focus on choosing colours that reflect the rest of your home, keeping bright and bold in mind. Colours such as grey, white and cream are ideal for base colours, as they really help to enhance the décor and bring a spacious feel to the room.

As far as the lighting in your living room goes, you need to focus on having a strong balance to keep the room lit in the right way. There are often two ways in which people like to use lighting in the living room, with the main, bold lighting for general use, alongside subtle, soft lighting for the calmer, wind down periods. There is a really good selection of lighting options right here, giving you the choice of both main and side lighting. You should also try to encourage as much natural light as possible to filter through the room, as natural light is one of the best ways to naturally make a room feel larger and open.

The Right Decorative Touches

Having the right decorative touches in your living room is really helpful to enhance the décor style and create a space that is warm and welcoming. Whilst the stronger elements within the room help to set the foundations and create a room that is comfortable and inviting, your decorative touches help to enhance the overall atmosphere and keep your personal style clear throughout the interiors. Features such as mirrors are perfect for reflecting the natural light around the room, which in turn makes the room appear to be larger. You can then add stylish touches such as cushions, throws, rugs and artwork to really transform the room into a space filled with character.

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