May Favourites

OK, wow, we are nearly at the end of May, going in to June. Where is the year going? Not to scare anyone but that is nearly half way through the year, meaning half way to Christmas – eeek!

May has been a busy month with quite a few things going on. We spent the week in Wales, reviewing the Bluestone National Park Resort and had a fab time. It was great to be out and about with the kids. I have had quite a few deadlines and meetings so work has been keeping me busy too!

On to some of my favourite things from this month


1.Lemon Sherbet Tangle Teezer*

I had heard about a Tangle Teezer  a while back but thought nothing of it really. When i was at Gatwick airport recently, I bought a ‘wannabe’ Tangle Teezer from one of the shops there. After using it I wasn’t sure what all of the fuss was about; it didn’t seem to do anything to my hair. My hair is quite thick so thought that must be the reason.

Anyway, I was sent an actual Tangle Teezer this month and I love it! It is so different to the other one that I have tried. It glides through my hair and doesn’t hurt, snag or pull. It is a life saver to use on my daughter’s hair too. She often wakes up with knotty hair and I would dread having to brush it as she would just scream. She doesn’t when I use the Tangle Teezer, so I’m converted! The lemon sherbet one I have costs £10.60 and I think it is totally worth it. I want them all!

2.Livia’s Kitchen Cookbook

One thing that has taken over my life a bit at the moment is the fact that I had confirmed that I have Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It has upset me and confirms why I have been having trouble to conceive. It means a bit of an overhaul of my health, though I am generally healthy. I have stopped eating anything with refined sugar and have cut out dairy, as they are both factors that can make PCOS worse. As a result, I have fallen in love with Livia’s Kitchen: Naturally Sweet and Indulgent Treats cookbook. The best £10 I have ever spent at Amazon!

It is full of sweet things, that have zero refined sugar in. I have made quite a few of the recipes so far and have loved them all. The raw peanut butter bars are literally amazing – the whole family loved them. This is going to be my go-to as I embark on a sugar-free diet.

3.Oil-Infused Micellar Cleansing Water

Bit if a random one here, but I randomly saw this in Boots and wanted to give it a try. The Garnier micellar cleansing water remove make up and keeps skin soft and hydrated. I find it lovely on my skin and have really enjoyed using it. You don’t need to rinse it off either, so it will be great for camping or festivals this summer (we’re going camping in a few weeks so will be going with us)!

4.Packd Frozen Smoothie Packs

I love a good smoothie or a green juice; I have one for breakfast nearly every day. I saw these smoothie packs in Sainsburys the other week and just had to try them. They are only a few pounds too. Each one I have tasted is delicious and they are packed (see what I did there), with goodness. They have pouches of superfoods in to make them even better for you. I love that they are chopped up and I just have to throw it all in the blender, with some coconut water. Having to chop everything for a smoothie can be time consuming on a busy school-run morning!

What have you been loving this month?


*PR sample, all opinions are my own.

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