The First Two Weeks of Following a Meal Plan from The Delicious Nutritionist

I have been in a bit of a rut with my overall health, fitness, and wellbeing lately. I know it is the lamest excuse out there, but I really have just been so busy. That can mean things like exercise, yoga, mindfulness have been not made a priority, and it all makes it easier to reach for the junk food and things that I, wrongly, will give me some energy.

I have also been vegetarian for a year and a half now, and when I made the decision to do it, it was kind of overnight. And as such, I didn’t really look into the nutritional side of things, rather, I just stopped eating meat or fish. And while I know you can get protein from plants, having been a meat eater for my whole life until now, I wasn’t sure what the best quantities are, especially for protein to help with weight loss. So with all of this adding up, being able to work with a qualified and registered nutritionist has been perfect timing. Getting all of the right information of what I should be eating, the right nutrients to have, as well as my goal to improve PCOS symptoms and lose weight, has been amazing so far.

What Melissa Kuman, The Delicious Nutritionist, offers, is a completely bespoke four week meal plan, as well as regular calls to see how things are going. She has been great to chat to as well, because she has experience of working with clients that have had an unhealthy relationship with food, so she knows what to look out for to avoid the binge cycle, which in the past, is something I have been guilty of.

First Consultation

The first consultation I had with Melissa was really thorough and clear, making sure that she knew what my likes and dislikes are in terms of food, as well as what my goals are. Because although one of my goals is weight loss, I also want to have better energy levels and reduce PCOS symptoms. So being clear with her meant that I can have a meal plan that works for me and will be for what I want. I think that this bespoke service is great, with the knowledge that Melissa has, that it makes it a much better option than just getting a ‘meal plan’ from your personal trainer who isn’t necessarily trained in nutrition.

About The Delicious Nutritionist

Melissa has a First Class degree in Food and Human Nutrition, endorsed by the Association for ¬†Nutrition. This means that she is held to the highest standard of evidence based practice, and it is in her best interest to give you the correct information, and not anything that is random, or made up. That with the bespoke plan, shows to me that Melissa is creating something for individuals, and that two people are likely to get different meal plans, so there is no generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ plans. Such a selling point for me!

How has the plan been going?

I have had two weeks of using my meal plan, and have been really pleased with it. I lost four pounds in the first week, and one pound in this second week. I have felt more energised too, which has been a massive thing for me.

I know it can be hard to get out of the energy slump cycle, but I have ben quite lay with food and meal planning before, so the difference it makes to energy levels by just planning ahead with the right foods is amazing. It is a bit early days to see if it has impacted PCOS, but everything is looking like it is going in the right direction.

As for the meals themselves, I have not felt like this is a really restrictive diet or anything, which is great. There is plenty of food to eat, it is just the right things that my body needs. The breakfasts have been nutritious and filling, the snacks are quick and tasty, and the lunches and evening meals have been quick to prepare too (another thing I mentioned in my bespoke plan; I didn’t want things that took a while to cook).

I like how Melissa has created some of the meals to be batch-cooked, so that something I have for dinner one evening will be for lunch the next day, meaning that the cost of the food isn’t crazy, and there is very little waste.

Melissa provides a shopping list too, which has been really handy for taking with me to the shops. I have found the plan clear and simple to follow, and as the results have shown, I have been losing weight, so it is working. I don’t feel I have restricted myself either; I had ice cream at the weekend and there has even been some dark chocolate put into my plan. So it just shows that you don’t have to completely restrict yourself to lose weight. I’m really pleased!

Melissa’s four week bespoke plans normally cost around ¬£135, but if you mention me, you can get 10% off. Plus, all of my readers and followers can a free consultation call with her, to see what she can offer you. It would be great to hear what you think.

*the meal plan has been gifted in exchange for review. All opinions are my own and I would only recommend something that I would be happy to pay for myself.

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