A Month of Meal Plans From The Delicious Nutritionist

If you follow the blog regularly, as well as on social media, you are likely to have seen that I have been working with a nutritionist over the past month. It consisted of consultation calls, a meal plan, and regular contact to see how I was getting on. Although weight loss is a goal of mine (things with my PCOS have gotten pretty out of hand lately), I definitely had a focus of feeling better and eating foods that leave me feeling more energised. I was also interested to know more about the best foods (and portion sizes) that I should be having for a vegetarian diet. It has all been really fascinating.

To start off with, Melissa, The Delicious Nutritionist, is great to work with. She really listens to what you want to achieve, and then shares her ideas and expertise, as well as dispelling myths that I had heard about diet and nutrition, and especially things around PCOS and hormone imbalance. She was really quick to reply to questions or messages through Instagram, which is great if you need some motivation for a meal plan, or have quick questions about your meal plan.

The meal plan itself was great, and clearly laid out, with shopping plans, and all that you need to get. I liked that the meals weren’t all really different. What you would have one evening for dinner, would also be for lunch the next day. It just helped with not making the food shopping costs high, and keeping time in the kitchen down too; I am all for cooking in bulk. The ingredients weren’t odd or expensive either. Just really normal and natural ingredients. I do like to cook, and cook from scratch, so that definitely helped. But Melissa does ask you how long you have to prepare meals, so a meal plan really is bespoke for you and you exact needs, as well as the goals that you have.


As well as knowing that the service is good, and what you get for it, it is always helpful to know that the meal plan can help to achieve the specific goals that you have. So how did I get on? After two weeks, I had lost five pounds, and felt like my PCOS symptoms, although not all gone, were under more control. I won’t go into too much detail, but I know the things that feel more under control than ever before.

After a month of the meal plan, the results mean that I am now eight pounds down, and the PCOS symptoms continue to be under control. I have felt really energised and not as lethargic as I often have before. I have also been really pleased with the plant-based food knowledge that I have been given, which will help going forward. I look forward to using the meal plan again and again, so I think that the results are really positive.

If you are stuck in a bit of a rut with your weight to health, or have some specific goals, like bulking up, eating for energy, and so on, then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Melissa Kuman, the Delicious Nutritionist. I have really enjoyed the plan, and the knowledge and advice shared has been invaluable. Compared to what others charge for a similar thing, I think the rate (£135 for a four week plan and consultations) is really reasonable, and in fact, a lot cheaper than what other nutritionists charge. So from that point of view, I do think that you get value for money, for sure.

It would be great to hear what you think; would you ever want to work with a nutritionist? I found the whole process really interesting. If you contact Melissa through Instagram, and mention me, you can get a free consultation call, as well as 10% off any services, if you mention me.

*the meal plan (costing £135) was gifted in exchange for review. All words and opinions are my own.

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